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PSYCH! Gotcha.

biscuiteatingsob: I love that mini!Gus has the same fashion sense as current!Gus.
theformerclarity: I knowz!
biscuiteatingsob: I also love that Shawn's bike has a billion things hanging off of it.
biscuiteatingsob: "I got it! I had the wrong song playing!"
biscuiteatingsob: That's us-logic.
theformerclarity: *nod*
biscuiteatingsob: ...oh no.
biscuiteatingsob: This won't end well.
theformerclarity: US.
biscuiteatingsob: I KNOWS
biscuiteatingsob: HAHA LASSIE!
biscuiteatingsob: "I got a boo-boo."
biscuiteatingsob: "Go ahead. Make jokes."
"...we just did."
theformerclarity: They are so so so us.
biscuiteatingsob: I know, I know!
biscuiteatingsob: Lassie is going to KILL Shawn one of these days.
biscuiteatingsob: *grin*
theformerclarity: It will be hilarious.
biscuiteatingsob: Oh yes.
biscuiteatingsob: Not quite as hilarious as Lassie vs. Agent Ewing.
biscuiteatingsob: But hilarious!
theformerclarity: Indeed.
biscuiteatingsob: I LOVE Shawn and Gus asking Lassie about her date
theformerclarity: Hee, yes.
biscuiteatingsob: "I'm sensing red coats... funny accent..." "The British?" "No! The valet!"
theformerclarity: *luv*
biscuiteatingsob: "You're saying you haven't even been trying? All this time?"
biscuiteatingsob: "I still think you're thinking about the British."
theformerclarity: *luv*
biscuiteatingsob: OOOH! Nice.
theformerclarity: Look at his little sunglasses.
biscuiteatingsob: "I don't know if it looks like the warehouse from Blue City, Gus, you're the only one who remembers that movie."
biscuiteatingsob: "I am not going to debate Judd Nelson with you!"
biscuiteatingsob: HAHA SHAWN.
theformerclarity: "Good God!"
biscuiteatingsob: "Chop suey!" "Good God!"
biscuiteatingsob: HEE
biscuiteatingsob: They are SOOOOO us.
biscuiteatingsob: "And a little mouse named Algernon in a maze"
biscuiteatingsob: I love this show. LOVE.
theformerclarity: Me too, dude. Me too.
biscuiteatingsob: "Don't thank him either."
biscuiteatingsob: HEE, Gus.
biscuiteatingsob: "Okay, Gus. Go on and put your little aluminium hat back on..."
biscuiteatingsob: "Gus, you have the bearings of a wounded bumblebee."
biscuiteatingsob: "Wrapping up this case was easier than I thought. And this is one of the biggest strawberries I have ever seen."
biscuiteatingsob: Shawn is SOOOOOOOO ADD.
theformerclarity: I know!
biscuiteatingsob: ...Shawn said dope.
biscuiteatingsob: *headdesks*
theformerclarity: ...
biscuiteatingsob: "I call the big one, Little Shawn." "That is the creepiest thing I have ever heard."
biscuiteatingsob: "You're right, Helvetica is a much better font!"
biscuiteatingsob: I LOVE this guy.
biscuiteatingsob: He's the evil!Shawn!
theformerclarity: ARRRRRGGGH.
theformerclarity: PIPER IS COMING OVER.
biscuiteatingsob: NOOOOOOO
biscuiteatingsob: *hides j00*
theformerclarity: She's having a bad night and is now coming over.
theformerclarity: GREAT.
biscuiteatingsob: Briiiiilliant.
theformerclarity: *SIGH*
theformerclarity: I'm gonna take my meds now so I can fall asleep sooner.
biscuiteatingsob: Good plan.
theformerclarity: *SIGH AGAIN*
theformerclarity: I'll have to stop talking to you.
biscuiteatingsob: Noooooes
biscuiteatingsob: http://artpad.art.com/?jm89ggzpkk
biscuiteatingsob: ...Ovaltine Jenkins.
biscuiteatingsob: *HEADDESKS*
theformerclarity: Awww.
theformerclarity: thnx.
biscuiteatingsob: *grin*
theformerclarity: Hey, he's inviting me to join Team Rocket, and I wanna!
theformerclarity: But it says no for me. *grumble*
biscuiteatingsob: ...er, what?
theformerclarity: This dude is asking me to join Team Rocket, and the game doesn't even give me a choice. I want to join!
biscuiteatingsob: Dude, I know! That was my biggest complaint of the Pokemon games.
biscuiteatingsob: What IF I wanna be evil, huh?
theformerclarity: I know!
biscuiteatingsob: Even at nine, I was like, dude. What a gyp.
theformerclarity: Word.
biscuiteatingsob: "Jack and the Beanstalk reference? Really?"
biscuiteatingsob: ...Shawn scares me sometimes.
theformerclarity: ...I know, man.
biscuiteatingsob: I love that this short little car got tricked out.
biscuiteatingsob: BUZZ!
biscuiteatingsob: "Sorry, but in this car, you just happen to fit a profile."
theformerclarity: Hee.
biscuiteatingsob: "Molar barks at all cars. Not just... blue ones."
biscuiteatingsob: OH BUZZ. I LOVE YOU
biscuiteatingsob: Lassie and O'Hara are such little kids.
theformerclarity: I know.
biscuiteatingsob: "You can both be shot, just sign the waivers!"
biscuiteatingsob: HEE!
theformerclarity: "...regardless..."
theformerclarity: HEE!
biscuiteatingsob: Oh, Shawn. I love you and your crazy.
biscuiteatingsob: *stealth mode*
biscuiteatingsob: Hee!
biscuiteatingsob: A red barrel labelled TNT. An anvil.
biscuiteatingsob: "Awesome. Flava Flav can wear it around his neck."
biscuiteatingsob: "Those animals would have killed you dead given half a chance!"
biscuiteatingsob: Hee, Gus!
biscuiteatingsob: "Shawn, don't you dare, don't you dare! Shawn, don't you dare learn the wrong lesson from this!"
biscuiteatingsob: "Is it a tight knot right under the shoulder blade?" "Yeah, how'd you know?" "GUUUUUSSS!"
biscuiteatingsob: ...oh man. Their girly screams kick ass.
biscuiteatingsob: "That stuff is deadly in high doses! HEEEE!"
biscuiteatingsob: (That would be us without the effect of laughing gas, you realize.)
theformerclarity: Yeah.
biscuiteatingsob: ...we should never, ever become detectives.
biscuiteatingsob: Or should we?
biscuiteatingsob: Hey Julio, wanna make a private investigation firm with me?
theformerclarity: Sure!
theformerclarity: What should we call it?
biscuiteatingsob: ...The Red Shirts. We'll get killed before you!
biscuiteatingsob: *bad Star Trek ref*
theformerclarity: ...
biscuiteatingsob: *grin*
biscuiteatingsob: We could be Jump Street Chapel!
theformerclarity: YESSSSS.
biscuiteatingsob: ..."Irony."
theformerclarity: He's kindof awesome.
biscuiteatingsob: "Okay, relegate!"
biscuiteatingsob: ...I LOVE WALLY.
biscuiteatingsob: This guy needs to be their inside guy in the prison.
biscuiteatingsob: So he can keep coming back.
theformerclarity: I know.
biscuiteatingsob: I love that they're talking into the phone.
biscuiteatingsob: "Hello, motive, my old friend!"
biscuiteatingsob: Accent = awesome.
biscuiteatingsob: 'Jules' and 'Lassie'.
biscuiteatingsob: I love Shawn.
biscuiteatingsob: HEE TO THE PHOTOS.
theformerclarity: I lol
theformerclarity: ''d.
biscuiteatingsob: Me too.
biscuiteatingsob: This show... it's just awesome.
theformerclarity: I know, dawg. *g*
biscuiteatingsob: "We've seen all these things on CSI."
biscuiteatingsob: "I think you may be magnetized!"
biscuiteatingsob: I am lol'ing SO HARD.
theformerclarity: Me too!
biscuiteatingsob: 'Spirits of cutting edge law enforcement'
biscuiteatingsob: "I can! Let's roll!"
biscuiteatingsob: I love the Scooby-Doo music.
theformerclarity: Hee, totally.
biscuiteatingsob: "I was like, 'here are your automotive parts, good sir'!"
theformerclarity: Wally is so awesome.
biscuiteatingsob: Hells yes.
Tags: psych, tv

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