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Small schools closely resemble incestuous families after a very short time.

- Opening line of a story based off of my real life (dun dun dun)!


“Once upon a time...”

That's how all the stories started. Once upon a time, there lived a little girl... Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom... Once upon a time, the Black Plague swept through Europe, wiping out large portions of the population...

Well, perhaps not that last one.

- I... don't even know what this is, but I rather like it.


The kingdoms of Malavi and Aaree are only important in that both kingdoms were rather restrictive when it came to personal freedoms. This led to a number of political refugees with nowhere to go... so they went to nowhere.

- From the introduction to my fantasy story starring Fletcher Thomas.


“What happens if this doesn't work?”

“Well,” Rusty said, pausing and thoughtfully shifting the lollipop he had in his mouth. “We'll go to prison, and you'll be somebody's bitch.” He went back to work, doing something that looked very complex and included wires.

- Ocean's 11 fic based off of a line from Criminal Minds. It seemed like a good idea at the time?


He was sixteen, fluffy hair and big eyes... and transparent. And this wasn't one of the ghosts she knew. She floated over to him, anger forgotten in favor of curiosity. “Ooooh, what have we here?”

- Ahem. As the file name states, Colin/Myrtle FTW! Post-DH.


Owen muttered something that sounded suspiciously like 'curse-word-in-the-form-of-action-verb Torchwood' and put his gun away before crouching by the boy. “Jack, help me get him back to autopsy. Gwen, you get the cat.”

“What?!” Gwen hollered. “I don't want to become a child!” She glared at Owen as if this was his plan all along, to trick her into becoming a ten year old. Because that would be such a perfect evil plan. Except for the parts where it really, really wouldn't.

- From the next chapter of my Owen/Matt TW/CJ fic, after Matt is chibi-fied.


The professor, though, was very nice about it. He smiled, all polite-like. “I helped to defeat the last Dark Lord, Voldemort,” he informed the boy (I sneered as a few people actually winced at the name – dude, he'd been dead since we were babies!).

“But what have you done for us lately?”

- From the next chapter of my HP mpreg story - the first year Slytherins meet the Great Harry Potter.


“What's with the Ravenclaw?” was the first thing demanded of Ernie MacMillan when he entered the Abbot household. It was a reasonable question, since a wide-eyed Terry Boot was tagging along behind him, looking like he expected a pack of rabid badgers to race out and attack him. (This was probably because he had been Potions partners with Zacharias Smith since first year; such an experience would make anyone terrified for their life.) Sure, Terry had been a D.A. Member that past year – but still! A Ravenclaw, at the Hufflepuff party! Sacrilege.

- From the upcoming "Also Smith & Jones", starring Zacharias Smith and Megan Jones in a terribly AU 6th year.


“Why do we have to go Boston? I don't like Boston.”

“Tony, you're whining.”

“Thanks, Zee-vah, I knew that.” Pause. “I still don't like Boston.”

A Gibbs-smack to the back of the head stopped his whining. For a moment, anyway.

- The opening to the Boston Rendezvous, sequel to the LA Rendezvous (CJ/NCIS/CSI).
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