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I ramble! About stuff! Scholarly stuff, even!


...right, now that that's out of my system, I am updating to you live from the campus library! Hoorah! And no, I'm not on my laptop - I'm attempting to be stylish this semester, and my laptop does not fit in my canvas messenger bag. Plus, I have less than two hours of a break, so it would be a little pointless (especially given the lines for food - I got a teriyaki chicken bowl from Wok & Roll, they seemed to move the fastest).

So, my physical anthro class starts in about a half hour, and after that class I get to run over to Central for an info meeting on the 2008 Spring London Semester. Wouldn't that be awesome fun, guiz?

Also, Auraria Campus's computers only have Internet Explorer. SACRELIEGE! Which I spelled wrong, because again: IE HAS NO BUILT-IN SPELL-CHECKER AAAAHH!

Oh! Ran into Dr. Schultz, we went to his office and he showed me my grade - which was totally an A even before he bumped all the grades up a letter. I got something like 164/172 points possible, okay? So he's going to fix that random-ass D the computer system says I have, and I shall be a student with an A, a B, and... well, an incomplete. Damn, I'm going to have to re-take that geography class, aren't I? Oh well.

Honors was pretty awesome. I like the teacher, he's quite funny, and my classmates seem pretty cool and/or interesting. Although I still have this sinking feeling I shall be the only anthro major in all of my classes, since physical anthro counts as gen ed science credit. AAAH. Erm. And even the higher level classes will probably be full of Chicano/a Studies majors and Native Studies majors, since most of the higher level anthro classes here are in those two areas.

Er, but enough of me carrying on (and on and on and on...), I now have 23 minutes until class. A class where I will hopefully find an anthro major in the real world, instead of just on Facebook (oh, and btw, I only found ONE other on Facebook).

(And I'm using this icon because they're totally BFFs, and also physical anthropologists. Or, well, one is. I dunno if Hodgins has a degree in that or just in pure science-y stuff...)

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