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Josh Kirby and a new crush (no, not Josh Kirby)

Duuuuuude, you guiz know what an awesome movie series is?

Josh Kirby, Time Warrior. Fuck yes. Now the only question is: to order VHS or DVD, and whether I should get a poster or not...

*a few hours later*

Fucking Wikipedia, I got distracted! A lot! Tons, even! I found out more than I ever wanted to know about what happened to various Disney child stars, and also found that the movie I barely remember, somewhere in the back of my head, is "Flight of the Navigator" - I only remembered the opening, and that Twisted Sisters was mentioned - first I ever heard of them. Ah, me...

And omg, the Adventures of McGee and Me! I soooo remember that show! I used to watch it at my Grandma Margie's, since her library (that she ran) had all the videos. I quite liked it - and also totally didn't realize it was Christian, which adds evidence to my idea that I was completely oblivious to religion as a child. I mean, I was only eight, but still: even eight year olds should know that the Odyssey isn't normally put on in churches. What can I say, I was a special kid. Still am!

Honors class tomoooooooooorrow! And just that - I decided that trying to carry 16 credits was a bad idea, so now I'm only carrying 13. Also, I ran into Justin yesterday on campus, and Elena today - and I would have been more happy about that second one, but she totally pulled me away from talking with my new crush! He's cute (to me), smart (physics major), thinks I'm funny, and is likely interested in me! Eee! *dances around insanely*
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