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Mah answers, let me read you them!

The Books in Order from Favorite to Least Favorite:
1. Deathly Hallows
2. Order of the Phoenix
3. Half-Blood Prince
4. Chamber of Secrets
5. Goblet of Fire
6. Sorcerer's Stone
7. Prisoner of Azkaban

Number of Times You Have Read the Series:
I've read them all once, and have reread parts of OotP. And I think I reread CoS once.

Favorite Chapter from Your Favorite Book:
The one when they come back to Hogwarts, and Neville is totally a BAMF.

Five Favorite Characters:
Zacharias, Percy, Luna, Colin, Snape

Three Least Favorite Characters:
Dumbledore, Quirrel, Umbridge

Favorite Member of the Trio:
Ron, def.

Three Favorite Magical Creatures:
Hippogriffs, chimera, and... eh, I dunno.

Favorite Family:
The Malfoys.

Favorite Villain:
Barty Crouch Jr! Because David Tennant played him.

Favorite Death Eater:
Snape or Barty

Favorite Non-Hogwarts Magical Building:
Dude, the Ministry. Sounds awesome.

Favorite Diagon Alley Location:
Flourish & Blotts

Three Favorite Spells:
Accio, because I'm lazy; Disillusionment Charm because I could sneak about; and Apparation, because again, I'm lazy.

Three Favorite Potions:
Polyjuice, Amorentia or whatever it is, and Felix Felicis

Favorite Unforgivable Curse:
Imperius, obv.

Favorite Department of Mysteries Room:
Room of Prophecies, because it would be totalz fun to switch the prophecies around.

Biggest Surprise:
Hm... Snape and Lily, BFFs!

Biggest Letdown:
Def. Harry marrying Ginny, not Luna.

Favorite Mode of Transportation:
Apparation, man.

Favorite Weasley:

Favorite Order Member:

Favorite pet:

One Character You’d Bring Back to Life:

Moment That Will Always Make You Cry:
I don't think any moment made me cry.

Favorite Hogwarts Room:
Room of Requirement

Favorite Class:

Favorite Teacher:
Snape, although I doubt I'd think that way if I was a student...

Favorite DADA teacher:
Lupin. Or Snape.

Least Favorite Teacher:

Favorite Non-Human Hogwarts Resident:

Favorite Hogsmeade Location:

Favorite Triwizard Champion:

Favorite Triwizard Task:

Which Character You’d Ask to the Yule Ball:

Which Character You’d Like to Use a Love Potion On:
Eh. I dunno, I might like to use one on Harry, with Draco as the object... for teh lulz, of course.

Which Character You’d Like to Use Veritaserum On:
Everyone! Spike the water supply at Hogwarts!

How Long You Have Been a HP Fan:
Since right after book 2 came out.

Favorite Wizard Rock Band:
Er. No idea.

Number of Midnight Releases You Have Attended:

Favorite HP Website:
The Leaky Cauldron, I suppose.

Most Ridiculous Potter Theory You’ve Heard:
The whole Knight2King crap where Ron is Dumbledore.

Character You’re Most Like:
Heh, Zacharias, prolly.

House You Think You’d Be Sorted Into:
Ravenclaw. But I want to be a Hufflepuff.

Your Patronus Would Be A:

To You, Amortentia Would Smell Like:
See, I dunno, that's why I want it!

You’d Use Felix Felicis To:
Ask a guy out and go on a date.

The Job You Would Most Like to Try:
Something with magical animals, man.

Which You Would Rather See — a Sequel or a Prequel:
Sequel! Full of ASS!

The Movies in Order from Favorite to Least Favorite:
1. Order of the Phoenix
2. Goblet of Fire
3. Sorcerer's Stone
4. Chamber of Secrets
5. Prisoner of Ass-cabin


Animagus or Metamorphmagus: Metamorphmagus
Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans or Chocolate Frogs: Chocolate Frogs
Black or Lupin: Lupin
Death Eaters or Dumbledore’s Army: Dumbledore's Army
Draco or Lucius: Draco
Durmstrang or Beaubaxtons: Durmstrang
Floo Powder or Broom: Broom - Floo powder would make me sick.
Fred or George: George
Grimmauld Place or The Burrow: Grimmauld Place
Herbology or Care of Magical Creatures: CoMC
Hippogriffs or Thestrals: Hippogriffs - I'd be able to see them.
Invisibility cloak or Pensieve: Invisibility Cloak
Mermish or Parselmouth: Parselmouth
Occlumency or Legilimency: Legilimency
Peeves or Nearly Headless Nick: Peeves
Peter Pettigrew or Mundungus Fletcher: Mundungus Fletcher
Professor Binns or Professor Umbridge: Proffesor Binns
S.P.E.W. or the Inquisitorial Squad: Inquisitorial Squad
The Ministry of Magic or Gringotts: Ministry of Magic
Three Broomsticks or The Leaky Cauldron: Three Broomsticks
Werewolf or Inferus: Werewolf
Whomping Willow or Flying Ford Anglia: Whomping Willow
Yule Ball or Quidditch Championship: Yule Ball (a teensy bit afraid of heights, yo)
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