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Dark heart, IRON HAND!

...damn, I'm gonna have to watch at least one episode of L&O:SVU this season, because Kyle Gallner is apparently guest-starring. And I am Kyle Gallner's bitch.

But it good news, since Southern Fried Actor (er, Fred Thomspon) is running for president, I think this means no more reruns with him as DA. Which means old school L&O! *parties like it's 9*

So when I got back from class (and yes, I finally got my sharp pointy object for fencing, and yes Spanish is still just as easy as it was before - but NEWS! Devon invited me to be part of a Serenty RPG group!), me and my mum went down to Southlands, ate at Olive Garden, went to Lane Bryants and got tons of clothes (srsly), and then went to Borders where I got the Serenity RPG book and the latest Bloody Jack book, which I am kind of obsessed with.

I also realized that I'll be in the UK when Terry Pratchett's next book comes out! And when the third Dexter book comes out, but I'm not sure if it's being released simultaneously in the UK.

Oh, and btw: one week from now I'll be on a plane to Wales (well, okay, to London; then we'll take the train to Cardiff); and in two days? I'LL BE EIGHTEEN! Part-ay!
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