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AAAAH! *flails like crazy* I'm going to the UK tomorrow. Tomorrow! TOMORROW! *flails moar*

(In case you were all wondering, this is the first time in my eighteen years I'll have left the country. And I'm going to Wales, dude. Plus, I can drink!)

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Fan of Truth, or of Dare ?
Do you follow through with the hard dares?
Worst Dare you have done?
Your first dare is:Trip infront of someone who isn't expecting it
You will prank phone this person, as a Pizzeriatoastnuances
You will write a love letter through email, to this personremedysweet
You will kiss the next person you meet on theirCheek
Will sign this person up for some email newslettersgeegermaine
Will tell this person about your first kiss, or recent crushsmithyfic
Will tell this person what you -really- think of themvedakai
Will give an example of a worse moment in your life to this personemoawards
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Graduation Year of High School
Had high hopes for the real world?
Your first free action?
How much dept you got into with student loans?32,635
Where are you currently living?My mom's house
First job?Parent
Got preggers right after highschoollys1a
Got addicted to caffine11nine73
Lives off of Instant noodle soup and peanut butterfangirl1981
Became a party animal, spotted table dancing at partiesladyfuchsia
Still gets mistaken for a 12 year oldsouthernmoss
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The Person who always fought and won the front seatrpgficcer
How much you paid in gas money/coffee money/ laundry money$18
How close you were to getting hit while playing Highway chicken
You fell asleep behind the wheelFalse
The person you forgot behind a couple of timestheseely
How many tires you changed19
The person who mooned a police officerbecky_monster
The person that got car sick and puked in the back seatcolin_chaotic
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(Sad because it's so, so true!)

colin_chaotic's LJ New Year Party (Now At Least 14% Politically Correct!)

Started : 31st December 2005 07:21:12 PM

Ended : 01st January 2006 04:00:17 AM
Alco Money! : $ 466

Guests of Honour

jsn_berg is a boring Wiccan and a prime contender for degenerate of the year 2006. jsn_berg drank 10 Poteens, 5 Goldschlagers.
veronicafan is a malevolent Fundementalist Christian who deliberately wastes police time during natural disasters. veronicafan decided to not drink because of their religious beliefs.
tragoedia is a catty Agnostic. tragoedia drank 13 Lagers.
21js is a demented Atheist who starts fires and lays the blame for it on God. 21js drank 1 Vodka, 2 Stouts, 1 Sherry.
chloe161226 is a spiritless Hindu. chloe161226 drank 3 Gins, 1 Red Wine.
deleteyourself is a dejected Agnostic. deleteyourself drank 5 Vodkas, 4 Champagnes, 1 Pilsner, 1 Pernod.
killerspork33 is a vivacious Atheist. killerspork33 drank 2 Pilsners, 5 Aftershocks.
cassieloo is a loathsome Buddhist who enjoys starting fires in public, throwing bricks through windows and shitting in street corners cassieloo drank 11 Absinthes, 5 Whiskeys, 2 Tequilas, 1 Mint Julep.
remedysweet is an unfortunate Taoist. remedysweet drank 3 Absinthes.
colin_chaotic is an unfortunate Agnostic. colin_chaotic drank 3 Sambuccas, 9 Pernods, 4 Ales.
toastnuances is a chirpy Hindu. toastnuances drank 8 Poteens, 3 Vermouths.
colin_chaotic is a neurotic Hindu. colin_chaotic drank 2 White Russians, 1 Kahlua, 3 Whiskeys.
i_like_feelings is a vicious Taoist who enjoys mugging frail old ladies and stealing their bus passes. i_like_feelings drank 1 Aftershock, 1 Hot Toddy.


Clean up at colin_chaotic's place! Urgh bejesus man, there's soup pieces in this barfpile! Fucking ell theres 8 of them!


'God is Dead!' proclaimed jsn_berg. 'jsn_berg is dead!' retorted veronicafan. Thankfully colin_chaotic managed to step in before the minor dispute turned into a major war.

'You bastard Sodomite! When the Lord gets hold of you he'll finely tan your ass' goaded veronicafan at killerspork33. killerspork33 refused to respond and instead laced veronicafan's drink with laxatives. Recent reports suggest that veronicafan is still shitting like a mad hawk to this day.


'It must be love, love love!' and how so in the case of remedysweet and toastnuances. It's like Romeo and Juliet all over again without any of the suspense!

The Drunkest

Wait a minute, don't approach them! They might attack! Stop feeling my ass colin_chaotic! Stop it!

Random Events

tragoedia and 21js were on the edge of a punch-up after 21js called tragoedia a balding greasy bastard with hungry head lice!

killerspork33 declared their undieing love for 21js before proceeding to nibble their earlobes tenderly.

killerspork33 was pissed by 06 PM and made an utter twat of themselves.

Happy New Year!

Do you believe in all of that New Years Resolution shit? If not, celebrate the New Year as you mean to go on with the ultimate new years party from hell!

Enter your name below to experience the ultimate in complete useless bollocks!

Your Hero God Loves Coke.


By limitedbythesky

The Awesomers! Stats

Formed: 11th September 2007
Split: 16th September 2014
Best Album: ‘Biforked Cercaria Tenfold Skylark’ 9/10 in the NME (Album of the Month February 2009.)
Best Single: ‘Alibies Faggot Fawny Scanted Straits’ 9/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 10th April 2008.)
Records Sold: 8,745,844 in total (2,827,024 albums, 5,918,820 singles).
Reputation: National
Groupies: as_silver_seeps is sick and tired of smrt1’s attempts at seduction. The The Awesomers! guitarist recently told Q magazine that they wouldn’t fuck smrt1 with a stolen dick.

The Awesomers! Member Profiles


If ladyfuchsia had taken their role as lead singer a little more seriously they could have developed into one of the best musician’s in the industry.


Armed with a sizeable repetroire of chords and stylings, i_like_feelings managed to lift The Awesomers!’s often monotontous din into something more creditable and exciting.


In a live setting, dragonessasmith is by far the most charismatic. When both dragonessasmith and i_like_feelings are on form The Awesomers! seem unstoppable, but admittedly this chemistry develops rarely.


A number of up-and-coming bands have mentioned The Awesomers!’s drummer colin_chaotic in the music weeklies, citing them as an important influence on their current sound.


as_silver_seeps is renowned for making pioneering use of new synth technology. However, unfortunately for The Awesomers! as_silver_seeps’s lack of musical ability has hampered the effectiveness of such experimentation.

Single Releases

# Title Date
21 Chutists Nov 2007
18 Faun Jan 2008
11 Alibies Faggot Fawny Scanted Straits Apr 2008
2 Gamming Monitive Brulot Pashes May 2009
2 Punniest Snagged Dollied Awakener Silo Jul 2009
3 Watched Aboded Baklawas Overmany Sep 2009
2 Bedposts Balloted Oct 2009
1 Anlagen Loxes Busted Adunc Sybo Beefing Jan 2011
2 Hereof Mar 2011
2 Debuts Cesti Charley Tenpin Resewn Direly May 2011
1 Chasmal Jun 2011
2 Chary Steeds Pawpaw Sep 2012
1 Chanted Dec 2012
2 Heathers Catfish Peckish Outbound Endeavor Adits Feb 2013
2 Swindle Emeroid Apr 2013

Album Releases

# Title Date
79 Grazer Punkins Smudging Painful Capote Continuo Sep 2007
2 Biforked Cercaria Tenfold Skylark Feb 2009
2 Goatish User Provoker Undergod Sannup Nov 2010
2 Feldspar Kyar Relines Aug 2012

northern ireland’s worst

(I love that pretty much the only two on there with musical ability are the ones who they insult.)

Planet colin_chaotic

‘Yeah I believe In colin_chaotic. But only because I’d want Him on my side during a bar fight.’ (Mcgriff Culpepper)

Religion In colin_chaotic’s World

  • Colin_chaoticism 39%
    (390,289,066 believers)

  • Laurelsist 10%
    (100,074,119 believers)

  • Reflowerist 2%
    (20,014,823 believers)

  • Rotorsism 16%
    (160,118,591 believers)

  • Scoutsist 12%
    (120,088,943 believers)

  • Seatity 12%
    (120,088,943 believers)

  • Tonguedity 9%
    (90,066,707 believers)

Population : 1,000,741,195
World Ends : 24th Oct 2030
Nuclear Capable : French Guiana, Marshall Islands, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Virgin Islands
Nuked Countries : French Guiana, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia

colin_chaotic’s Wrath!!

  • 05th Oct 2017 is a tragic day in Somalia’s history as Creator of the known universe colin_chaotic thought it would be fun to take a grand slash in all of the countries main reservoirs.

  • On 21st Sep 2020 God declared War on Perreault Teague. When asked why He targeted this individual in particular God retorted by simply stating ‘He never changed his underpants. And he smelt. Very very badly. God does not stand for the foul wiffs!’.

  • On 29th Apr 2009 God made the startling revelation that ‘pancakes are the very epitome of sin’.

The Anti-colin_chaotic

In the end the Anti-colin_chaotic proved to be an unlikely one in Micronesia’s Story Rowley a 68-year-old man.

The Saviour

Anthony Henderson may be the campest sounding saviour of all time, but hark He has come to rescue us from this mire. Carry us forth to Valhalla Anthony Henderson!

This is the End

Out of absolutely nowhere Planet X returned and smashed into the Earth causing the End for everything on our planet.

Powered by I Hate God

See, it's funny because those are things I would probably do.

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