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Hey guyz, I'm totalz in Wales nao! Bridgend, to be more specific. So ignore the time of this entry, it's actually just after 10pm here. I've already had a pint of ale and a glass of some sort of wine that the table next to us ordered. We talked with those people a lot, and one of them was the mother of Drew Mitchell. That's pretty awesome.

Tomorrow I've got the Cardiff University visit day. I'm rather in love with the UK, so if the university is good, there's a very good chance I'll come here for graduate school, at least. Plus, Aero is delicious.

Now, I'm going to go do... stuff. Like check on my Tamagotchi! I bet the poor dear is hungry... I'll leave my computer up, tho, so if anybody wants to come online and bother me, I'll be available. :D
Tags: rl, uk

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