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Wales, dawg. And pictures! And Relic Hunter! Um, what?

*flails just a tad* Must get hands on the Doctor Who serial Curse of Fenric! MUST! It has Christien Anholt in it! He's cool!

...what can I say, Sky Three sure loves its Relic Hunter reruns, and I've become a tad obsessed. Oh, what I wouldn't give for another male regular to ship Nigel with... (Of course, there's always crossovers. Nigel/McGee, for instance, would be sheer brilliance. Or, if you wanna get really hilarious, Nigel/Nigel!)

In other news, I always get Bucharest and Budapest confused. Um. Dunno why I thought of informing you of that.

So I'm in Cardiff, down by the Bay (where the watermelon grows). My mom went out to do some souvenier shopping, and this evening we're going to the Wales vs. Japan match, so that I can see at least one of the teams I'm rooting for win at least once. Although the Wales/Australia and Canada/Fiji were a lot closer than the scores suggest.

And now, I give you: pictures!

From the DW/TW exhibit at the Millennium Centre. Pay attention the first picture.

TADA! That's right, I basically visited the set of "New Earth".

I even got a picture with a cat nurse-nun!

And this pic!

And this one! (Yes, that's me standing there like an idiot.)

Our Cardiff hotel is just a, like, three minute walk from the Red Dragon Centre, featuring the Doctor Who exhibit! It's also got the place where Gwen and Rhys went bowling at the beginning of episode two.

It had the Ann-Droid!

And the entrance had a bunch of small exhibits on the different Doctors.

A Cyberman, Dalek, and the outfit that Mickey and Jake and the others were in!

And now for something completely different...

The view from the window of our room in Bridgend.

Bridgend/Pen-y-bont station, facing West Wales.

Bridgend/Pen-y-bont station, facing Cardiff.

Wales/Australia game, me pretending I'm quite ferocious. And yes, that's a dragon hat. Shush!

Proving that rugby fans are far better than football fans - either football. This is after the game, Wales and Australia fans singing along together. To what, you ask? Well...

Singing the Divinyls' "I Touch Myself"!

Me at the Canada/Fiji game. Guess who I'm supporting! (Okay, I'm only supporting Canada because DTH van der Merwe is too awesome a name not to support.) But wait, what's that?

Why, it's my knee! With an ice pack tied on! What fun! (Okay, so I was getting up at halftime to go to the bathroom, and my mom was grabbing my flag-cape, and when she let go, I flung forward and smacked my knee on a nice metal pole. I still have a massive bruise, all these days later, and it still really hurts. I'm awesome!

However, I'm also a total wimp, as evidenced by my stance while waiting for food at the pub after the match. Not long after this, food arrived, and when we finished my mum and I went and played Trivial Pursuit on one of the machines.

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