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Sam Oliver: Hell's bounty hunter

In case you wondered, HX stands for Humanex. Because that's how we roll.

biscuiteatingsob: Haha, there's a good comeback. "Hey, you're an idiot."
theformerclarity: "It's just that college made him sleepy."
biscuiteatingsob: *hearts*
biscuiteatingsob: "I would never kill a hooker."
biscuiteatingsob: These ppl = us.
theformerclarity: Totalz.
biscuiteatingsob: "'Cuz it made you sleepy."
biscuiteatingsob: That = our reaction. "Look at this dog, this is the best dog ever!"
theformerclarity: Totalz.
biscuiteatingsob: "Then her dad died." "So?"
theformerclarity: US.
biscuiteatingsob: And HEE to the low standards bit. That's also us.
theformerclarity: *nod*
biscuiteatingsob: *SNERK*
biscuiteatingsob: (I also love the quick shot of the kid snoring)
biscuiteatingsob: "I'm Jewish, you jerk!"
theformerclarity: HX reaction.
biscuiteatingsob: Totally.
biscuiteatingsob: AW-KWARD FLIRTING.
theformerclarity: Flirting is always awkward.
biscuiteatingsob: HEE
biscuiteatingsob: "I need you to punch me in the face right now." Pats shoulder.
biscuiteatingsob: That would be you.
theformerclarity: Um, YA.
theformerclarity: "It's not about ham!"
biscuiteatingsob: We have to start saying that.
theformerclarity: At random intervals.
biscuiteatingsob: THAT IS SO ME. "Did anybody see that?" Flailing around like that.
theformerclarity: Sooo.
biscuiteatingsob: That is ALSO me.
biscuiteatingsob: "You were supposed to move that with your mind."
theformerclarity: That's both of us, rly.
biscuiteatingsob: Tru
biscuiteatingsob: We're horrible ppl.
biscuiteatingsob: But great monkeys!
theformerclarity: All teh wayz!
theformerclarity: That girl has rly big teeth.
biscuiteatingsob: Tru fax.
biscuiteatingsob: Puppies!
biscuiteatingsob: *hugs teh puppies*
biscuiteatingsob: "AAAH!"
theformerclarity: The difference here is, we could never outrun dogs.
biscuiteatingsob: And his friend has a leafblower.
biscuiteatingsob: "RUN BITCHES!"
biscuiteatingsob: Tru
theformerclarity: "If it was an Escalade, maybe."
biscuiteatingsob: "Sam, I'm not a car-jacker, I'm the devil!"
theformerclarity: I always knew Satan would be awesome.
biscuiteatingsob: Me too, dude, me too.
theformerclarity: See, if I were Sam, I'd be liek "AWESOME!"
biscuiteatingsob: Totally, dude.
biscuiteatingsob: NICE. "I heard you used to be a dude, too."
biscuiteatingsob: "How drunk are you?"
"Totally sober."
"...how drunk am I?"
biscuiteatingsob: And we're totally Sock.
theformerclarity: Totally.
biscuiteatingsob: CREEPY! *grin*
theformerclarity: I LOVE this commercial.
biscuiteatingsob: Me too, dude. "Our friendship is now very suspicious!"
biscuiteatingsob: Satan cooks!
theformerclarity: Well, duh, he lives in Hell!
biscuiteatingsob: He eats chicken fried steak!
biscuiteatingsob: *luvs Satan*
biscuiteatingsob: Sam Oliver: Hell's bounty hunter.
theformerclarity: I would kill to be him.
biscuiteatingsob: Under-prepared for the influx. *LUV*
biscuiteatingsob: Me too, dude, me too.
biscuiteatingsob: DMV!
biscuiteatingsob: Magic umbrella!
theformerclarity: Somehow, I don't think Satan would be so cool about God winning.
biscuiteatingsob: Well, Satan's a liar, dude.
biscuiteatingsob: "Oh, gag, look at that tool!"
theformerclarity: Aah tru.
theformerclarity: It'd be better if it was 'gag me with a spoon'.
biscuiteatingsob: Can you imagine Satan saying that?
theformerclarity: Yes. Yes, I can.
theformerclarity: Sock=me rite nao.
biscuiteatingsob: See, me, if it was something I really didn't want to do, would be all, "She's the jackass who made it in the first place, she can lose her damn soul!"
biscuiteatingsob: Totally, dude.
biscuiteatingsob: "Blah blah blah, just open it!"
theformerclarity: US.
biscuiteatingsob: TOTALLY.
biscuiteatingsob: As is the edging to the side.
biscuiteatingsob: DIRT DEVIL!
biscuiteatingsob: HEE!
theformerclarity: I always knew they were tools of Satan.
biscuiteatingsob: I think I love this show.
theformerclarity: Me too, dude.
theformerclarity: This and Chuck can fill the Burn Notice void for the school year.
biscuiteatingsob: Totally
biscuiteatingsob: "I love this plan, let's do it."
biscuiteatingsob: DUDE.
theformerclarity: Dude, this is soooo how we would be in that situation.
biscuiteatingsob: Totally.
biscuiteatingsob: "...what's that mean?"
biscuiteatingsob: HEE SOCKS.
theformerclarity: DUDE. SHARPIE. LULZ.
biscuiteatingsob: "Uh, uh... making napalm."
biscuiteatingsob: That would be us, attempting to lie really fast.
theformerclarity: Pretty much.
biscuiteatingsob: So wait. If Satan knows where the dude is, why couldn't he take him himself?
biscuiteatingsob: Some mystical rule or another?
biscuiteatingsob: HAHA SAM'S A LIAR.
theformerclarity: Satan's just a lazyass.
biscuiteatingsob: Tru.
biscuiteatingsob: ...dude.
theformerclarity: Satan+Zamboni=AWESOME OVERDOSE.
biscuiteatingsob: SATAN IS AWESOME.
biscuiteatingsob: "Wanna guess who my favorite team is?"
biscuiteatingsob: I love that it takes Satan to give him discipline. That would be us.
biscuiteatingsob: I KNEW he was going to do that.
theformerclarity: LULZ.
theformerclarity: Failure is not an option!
biscuiteatingsob: Satan seems like he'd be a pretty cool dad.
theformerclarity: My parents gave me a shirt that said that when I was in the loony bin.
biscuiteatingsob: HEE
biscuiteatingsob: "I'm an asshat."
biscuiteatingsob: This is sooo us.
theformerclarity: Soooo.
biscuiteatingsob: "But if you don't know them personally, does it matter?"
theformerclarity: Us reaction.
biscuiteatingsob: Also, that guy? Went to HX.
theformerclarity: Um, YA.
biscuiteatingsob: "Why did he keep burning it down?"
"Because he was afraid of the gym showers?"
"Because they kept rebuilding it!"
biscuiteatingsob: Wow, hardcore.
biscuiteatingsob: Oh man.
theformerclarity: Did I see a smoke alarm?
biscuiteatingsob: Yes. Yes you did.
theformerclarity: Those two? USSSS.
biscuiteatingsob: HEEEEEEEEE
biscuiteatingsob: Oh man. Nothing it funnier than them sitting there, in their uniforms, waiting for it to recharge.
theformerclarity: Oh noez!
biscuiteatingsob: HAHA to his distraction techniques
biscuiteatingsob: "...that's not what I meant."
biscuiteatingsob: HAH to the screams of hell.
biscuiteatingsob: "DMV!"
theformerclarity: I LOVE that the DMV is the portal. LOVE.
biscuiteatingsob: Me too, dude, me too.
biscuiteatingsob: Makes me wonder if you could go to math class for a portal to hell.
theformerclarity: AWW.
biscuiteatingsob: "Swear to who?"
biscuiteatingsob: "You're gonna win that ham, man."
biscuiteatingsob: Satan: "I can be nice!"
biscuiteatingsob: Satan is totally autistic.
theformerclarity: Totally.
biscuiteatingsob: "This is a victory ham."
biscuiteatingsob: HAHAHA
biscuiteatingsob: VULCAN EYEBROWS
theformerclarity: LOL.
theformerclarity: L-O-F-L.
biscuiteatingsob: DIT-FREAKIN'-O.
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