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In which I'm rather random about sports and school and fanfix

Dude, SNL was on tonight. Tho I might just be saying that because Dane Cook is annoying me with his MLB promos that never feature the Rockies, and because I'm still giggling over the WTFery of Punching People in the Face Right Before They Eat (ZOMBIE DANCE!).

In other news, Rockies are goin' to the World Series, dawg. Watch it! I mean, no team has ever come back from being beat at home for the first two games, so we are so taking the Diamondbacks. And then we'll take the Red Sox or the Indians (whoever wins that set). I mean it this time! I've been in Colorado for the Broncos winning the Super Bowl (twice), and the Avalanche taking the Stanley Cup (and the high-larious song parody "The Devils Went Down to Denver"), and now I'm going to be here for the Rockies taking the World Series. IT WILL HAPPEN!

...and oh my lord, I just realized how insane I've gotten about sports lately. It's in the air, dude, that's my only defense.

Dude, the Invisible is coming out on DVD soon! That was a totally kick-ass movie. Even tho Julio and I totally missed the opportunity to go see him live in Boulder back in August. Sigh.

In other news, I'm switching majors. Again. To history! Because Metro has kick-ASS history classes, dude. Imma try and take one of them next semester. Like Imperial Russia or something. History of Ancient Egypt? Mebbe. Who knows!

In other other news, I may have just started another Sky High fic. Um. I blame the fact that Julio is writing Chad/Ryan High School Musical fic.
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