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Um, I feel like spammin' y'all, so here's another entry of randomnessosity.

First: I applied for a job in the Aurora Public Schools. It's a before/after school assistant position at Dartmouth Elem, which is srsly like, a few blocks away. I'd rly like to get it; it's a job working with kids, and it won't cut into my hanging-out-wid-Julio time or primetime TV! Or class, for that matter. And it makes me laugh that my thoughts went friends-TV-school.

Second: ...oh my god, I totally forgot what I was going to put here. OH WAIT! I found a bunch of videos of me as a kid, and wow. I was kindof obnoxious and very strange and I'm surprised that my parents didn't think I was autistic. Because it appears that the first two and a half years of my life was me being dead silent and doing things over and over, very intensely, and the next two and a half years was me babbling about anything and everything and giggling like an idiot... while doing things over and over in a strict routine. I mean, one of them was of me riding my bike (no training wheels, I got rid of those before I was three - and I do mean that I got rid of them, because I was tired of the older kid in the culdesac calling me a baby, so I took a wrench into the garage and tried to take the wheels off), and I had to line up the pedals just right before getting on, and had to get on from the left at all times.

TMI Meme:

1. Are you taller than your best friend?
HAH NO. She's, like, over six feet, dude.

2. Do you have a favorite type of pen?
Yep. I totally don't know what they're called, but I can recognize them on sight. We've got a nice huge box of 'em.

3. Look at your planner for October 14, what are you doing?
Let's see... hair cut, possibly go see a movie with Mum, watch the Rockies game, and study for my Spanish midterm.

4. What color are your toenails usually?
Normal, clear. I don't paint them. Tho, one is still sortof magenta from when I got bored and had a Sharpie.

5. What was the last thing you highlighted?
...I so don't know. I don't highlight things.

6. What color are the curtains in your bedroom?
I don't have curtains, I have blinds. And they are white and covered in dust because I do not ever raise them.

7. What color are the seats in your car?
Brown, I think. I haven't seen them in a while, we put t-shirts over them.

8. Have you ever had a black and white cat?

9. What is the last thing you put a stamp on?
...again, dunno. The few letters I write, my mom puts stamps on. Because she's the one who made me write them.

10. Do you know anyone who lives in Wyoming?
...people live in Wyoming? I mean, uh, no.

11. Why did you withdraw cash from the ATM the last time?
Because I thought we were going to Elitches, but the website lied and they totally weren't open.

12. Who is the last baby that you held?
Probably Anna. Although I did half pick up Jude when Ashley brought him to Legacy that one time. He's such a cute bebbe!

13. Can you spell well?

14. Do you like Cinnamon toothpaste?
Uh, NO.

15. What kind of car were you driving 2 years ago?
Didn't drive then. Wait. Yes I did. Um, the same one.

16. Pick one: Miami Hurricanes or Florida Gators?
Gators, dude. I say this because my mother luvs them, and would kill me if I said Hurricanes, and I don't really have an opinion on them anyway.

17. Last time you went to Six Flags?
I can't remember if the time I went to Elitches with Kat and her church was the last time, or if the last time was when I went with Kirsten and Kari to the one in Maryland. Either way, years back.

18. Do you have any wallpaper in your house?
I... don't think so? Nah, we don't.

19. Closest thing to you that is yellow?
There's yellow stripes on the blue fleece blanket next to me on the couch.

20. Last person you gave a business card?
...I think I made some up when I was, like, ten. So I dunno.

21. Who is the last person you wrote a check to?
My mum, back when we had that KidBank stuff.

22. Closest framed picture to you?
One of my mom, Aunt Martha, Uncle Bob, Rachel and Rebecca, at Sesame Place.

23. Last time you had someone cook for you?
Julio made some macaroni last night. It was DELICIOUS.

24. Have you ever applied for welfare?

25. How many emails do you get in your inbox daily (excluding spam)?
About ten, counting all three of my main emails (AOL - mostly LJ stuff; school - school stuff; Gmail - everything else).

26. Last time you received flowers?
I got a rose once on Valentine's Day in eighth grade. I was srsly shocked.

29. Has anyone ever proposed to you?
Uh, no.

30. Do you take anything in your coffee?
I don't drink coffee.

31. Do you have any Willow Tree figurines?
...wtf is Willow Tree?

32. What is/was your high school's mascot?
Let's see... Buffalo, then cougar, then buffalo, then roadrunner.

33. Last time you went to a party?
Like, what kind of party? If you're talking the kind of parties most people talk about, never. Otherwise, somebody's birthday. I dunno. Whatever.

34. Last time you used hand sanitizer?
A week or so ago, which is surprising. I used to use it like there was no tomorrow.

35. Would you like to learn to play the drums?

36. What color are the blinds in your living room?

38. Last thing you read in the newspaper?
Articles on the Rockies.

39. What was the last pageant you attended?
Don't think I've ever been to one.

40. What is the last place you bought pizza from?
My mom got some from Little Caesar's, I think.

41. Have you ever worn a crown?
Yes, jokingly, for birthdays and stuff.

42. What is the last thing you stapled?
Paper, I'm assuming. But I don't know.

43. Did you ever drink clear Pepsi?
Um, no. And I won't.

44. Are you ticklish?

45. Last time you saw fireworks?
Saw them? A few months. Heard them? A few weeks.

46. Last time you had a Krispy Kreme doughnut?
A few months, I think.

47. Who is the last person that left you a message & you actually returned?
Carter, probably. He's quite insistent.

48. Last time you parked under a carport?

50. Can you give one reason why David Caruso is allowed to keep acting?
So that we (and Joel McHale) can continue to mock the hell out of him.

51. Are you an aunt or uncle?
Nope. Only child, dude.

52. Who has the prettiest eyes that you know of?
Dunno, actually.

53. Last time you saw a semi truck?
Like, today.

54. Do you remember Ugly Kid Joe?

55. Do you have a little black dress?
HAH. If I did, it wouldn't fit. I have a massive, tent-size black dress that fits me, tho.
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