Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Way too long, because I'm a little bored.

Gah. I still hate the fact that the school computers only have IE. Firefox, thou hath spoilt me.

Also, my teeth are really gross. I think it's the combo of Listerine, ginger ale, and pepperoni pizza (what can I say, I have an odd idea of breakfast. Awesomely odd).

I've changed (yet again) my plan for next semester. See, I went through and wrote down all of the classes I want to take that I can take with my scant few prereqs, and then I went online and found the days/times of those classes (between 10am and 5pm, anyway), and then I made a color-coded chart. Yes, shut up. Anyway, my new plan:

MON/WED: (starting at 10am) American History to 1865; 15 min break; Legacy of Arts & Letters II with Dr. So (who I have the first one with right now); 15 min break; Applied Anthropology (with Dr. Schultz, who is the most ass-kickingest teacher there is).
TUES/THURS: (starting... noonish?) Elementary Spanish II

So what if it's moderately unbalanced? So am I! Anyway, I need to take the next Spanish and Legacy classes, and Dr. Schultz is awesome, and I really ought to start one of the classes I need for my, you know, major. (Hey, I could always take a fifth class! ...oh wait. No. That wouldn't end well. There's also the American History class online, but I'm not sure if I would remember to actually, you know, do it. Getting up at 8am seems more doable than me actually completing an online class. But I dunno. Would y'all nudge me if I took it online?)

Oh, and I totally have a playlist for Nano... just no plot! Whoo! I'm obv. cool nao. Tho, I did get an idea on the light rail this morning... but it would probably end up too much like the Girl Who Owned a City (which is an awesome book). Although, perhaps not. Because my version would be full of inappropriate humor. Hm... perhaps I shall go with it.

Okay, say nearly everyone over the age of 20 is dead. Which would be better? 1, the kids go all Lord of the Flies; 2, kids try to live normally, ie turn power on, have school, etc; 3, the disease (or whatever) that killed the adults give some of the kids superpowers; or 4, the disease (or whatever) was actually unleashed by a race of aliens (or demons), who decided to take out the adults so they could use the kids as slave labor (or experimentation), and the kids fight back.

I'll tell you, I'm leaning towards option 3 with a side of option 4.
Tags: college, nano07, rl

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