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So you say you want a revolution...

So I totally lucked out with my pick of Legacy of Arts & Letters - it seems that the other guy who teaches it this year likes to focus on the Bible, whereas Dr. So puts the focus on Dante for I, and Nietzsche for II. Which, um, awesome much?

In other news, slept over at Julio's last night - she's on fall break, and today she and her family are headed up to Estes Park, so we pushed back our weekly sleep-over by a day. We played Sims 2, and then went and saw Across the Universe (which we might be going to see every week until it's out of theaters; it's an obsession, what can I say), and then we went to Park Meadows mall and wandered around for a bit singing Beatles songs, then we went back to her place and played Sims 2 while singing Beatles songs and watching baseball, and her sister eventually spazzed out on us for the constant singing. And for responding to her text messages with "That's what she said!" (she left her phone in the living room). Also, at one point, she was messing with some Skittles, and tried to put one in her nostril and then get it out with her tongue, and she sooo couldn't, so I showed her how to do it, and then Brad (Julio's 14/15 year old brother) came downstairs, and I was all, "I ate a skittle out of my nostril!" and he went, "Wow, you're cool."

And, um, yes. That's about it.
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