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In which I ramble, and may write more Gallowverse...

Dudes, this is truly addictive. omg. I now know where most of my Nano time shall be going...

Also, I keep getting the urge to go bike riding. I probably will, tomorrow, just listen to my iPod as I go. Though, it will be Saturday, so the park shall be filled with approximately a trillion and eight people who shall listen to my huffing and puffing with amusement. (I've never been great at bike-riding. When I was eight, and there was a race around the neighborhood/park where you could run, walk, bike, roller-blade, or skate-board? I chose roller blading. And I still came in seventh of everyone - all six ahead of me biked. Granted, after this was accomplished, I collapsed on the ground and didn't move for around two hours.)

Oh, and on the subject of Nano - which, actually, was a paragraph back, but do ignore that, would you? - I've actually written out a list of ideas. Ideas that I have solid plot and characters and world for. And there's eight of them. EIGHT. Ye gods.

Of course, the Denver kick-off party (well, the first one) is this Sunday, so mebbe someone there can help me decide. Or at least my brain will kick into Nano-mood and I can just grab one idea and run with it.

(Part of the problem is that I'm lamenting over the fact that none of my MCs are as awesome as Ryan. Ryan Galloway, there shall never be another like ye. Which is probably a good thing. And I would write more Ryan, but I'm not a huge fan of prequels and I'm not sure where to go from where I'm at. Ryan and Max are together, and I'm too much of a coward to break them up; Kit and Otto and Melissa and Petey are cool, but I've sort of burnt out on them too. I guess there's the random side characters in that universe, or I could do a story about Zack... There might be something there. Hm, yes. And I can just say 'screw it' to making him seem like a real kid, because in the house he lives in, he's pretty much screwed as far as 'normal' goes, anyway. And it's probably time to break out of parentheses and small font...)

So, Zack. I'm thinking around age twelve, starting high school (elements of my own past), and even less popular than his father was in high school - he, after all, doesn't have a Max. And then... he discovers a mystery! And investigates! Because... well, why not? Now, the only problem with this idea is that, well... I'm kindof sucking as hard as JK Rowling when it comes to numbers and ages and stuff. Let's just say there's thirteen years difference between Kit and Zack. Which makes the next youngest character, other than Zack, about twenty-one (Jenny). Er. So what do you ppl think? Should I try to continue the Gallowayverse, or go with one of my original ideas? Or should I try combining the worlds? I mean, Gallowverse couldn't be much more cracktastic even if I added in aliens and superpowers. Or cults. Ooh... Zack joins a cult!

...Imma go read some McShep, awrite? With kids. And I blame Rodney + kids for making me want to write Zack Galloway.
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