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Oh, TV. Thou art full of ghey, and I luff it.

OMG, Lazslo is totally awesome. In a psycho Warren-like way. But I lurve him. And is anything funnier than Lazslo and Chuck bitching at each other about who's going to kill them? I didn't think so.

Also, geek cred tiem nao: the HR dude is all, "Harold Tiberius Tang", and I have two thoughts: "Hey, like James Tiberius Kirk!" And that Harry Tang, who is Asian, has the first two initials of HT, like Ioki on 21 Jump Street.

I may have to watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Because Jonathan Sadowski (aka Lazslo) is listed in a few of the episodes. And, um, he's hawt.

Also, since my mom's totally watching Heroes, and I'm sitting here, I must say: Bitchy Cheerleader is totally Cordelia-esque. I mean, even the facial expressions. And what Flyboy and Claire did to her? HILARIOUS. <3
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