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Of school and jobs (and Halloween, of course)

So I had my advisement meeting with Dr. So a little bit ago. Very nice talk, and he didn't seem to mind too much that I (a history or possibly anthropology or possibly education or maybe criminal justice or hey how about criminalistics major) was asking advice from him (an English teacher). He told me to try and get the gen ed reqs out of the way, and take some classes I was interested in, to see what I might want to major in. He also, however, said that maybe I should look into IDP - the Individualized Degree Program. So, guys, if I try to do this, what should I make my major? And is there a way to make writing a novel into the senior experience requirement...

Anyway, I'm killing time until 3, which is when I have... a job interview! At the Auraria Campus Early Learning Center! Whoo! I just put in my application yesterday, after fencing, and already I've got a callback. And yes, I know that's not what they're called, but it amuses me.

Oh, and tomorrow's been decided: I shall put my laptop in the truck, go to fencing (Spanish is cancelled), then go over to Julio's, where we shall go trick-or-treating a bit, and then sit down with our candy and have a serial killer marathon (Silence of the Lambs, 7even, and Zodiac are on the list). Afterwards, I shall go over to Sabrina's for the Nano kick-off party. I will be bringing tortilla chips and a power strip, just in case, because I am cool like that. Oh, and the entire day I shall be dressed as a Welsh rugby player. I need to find my damn shorts, though. No idea where they might be, and unlike most of my clothing, they're quite small! But I know where my Underarmor is, my Wales jersey, my boots, and my ball, so that's all good. Maybe I'll stop at a sports place after my interview. But maybe not.

...I'm so decisive, it's shocking!
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