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In which I'm a bit out of it...

So Friday, I had the opportunity to sleep in. And I did. Until my usual wake-up time. I think I'm actually programmed not to be able to sleep past 10am anymore (except when I have to get up before then, natch). Went to Julio's, where we proceeded to sit around and talk and finish watching Silence of the Lambs. And then I possibly got her into Numb3rs by using the hawtness of Colby. Of course, it's a tough sell, because whenever Charlie or Amita comes on the screen she starts raging that no math professor is that cute.

We went to bed rather early, although it took a while for me to fall asleep - including moving from the couch to the floor back to the couch and switching pillows multiple times. We did this because we had to be up at 8 this morning, which we were. We stopped at Starbucks, where I got hot chocolate and a blueberry scone, then we drove by Denver Academy - which looks like a real private school, with separate buildings and everything, but the kids all seemed autistic at best, and the teachers were rly creepy - for their open house, and then we went to the Veteran's Day Parade downtown, because Julio's mum had to write a story on it.

Then we drove back to Julio's house to pick up her little sister, who we drove to the mall for a birthday party, and then we drove back to drop off her dad's 24 Hour Fitness ID, and then we finally got some Taco Bell. Then me and Julio watched Ned's Declassified and played Sims 2, and then I came home. I live such an interesting life!

(Also, decision tiem nao: 1989 HP game, or 2013 HP game?)
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