Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

A letter to a fictional character; and another character guide.

So, I started the latest release in the Ender-verse, A War of Gifts. And I'm sorry Crazy Tom, I still love you, but... I may <3 Zeck Morgan more. I know, I know. It's the crazy religious-cult aspect! I can't help it! You'll always be my favorite of the jeesh, you know that. I just have a new favorite crazy.

(Bcuz rly, you weren't too crazy. You were just not a fan of stupid. Which I can so relate to. But I need my real!crazy.)

Now, as a present:

Oly's group of friends. On the left is Everett, the gamer-geek. Middle is Matt, the tennis-player with a sense of humor. Right is Laurie, who is sweet and kind and etc.

Zack's group of... friends. Ell, who is the leader and steamrolls over everybody; Chloe, who is mild but obsessed with serial killers and the like; Cameron, who is hyperactive and goofy and incredibly immature and petty; and Grady, who is weird but incredibly intelligent.

If you're wondering at the way the second picture is full of much older ppl... Oly's friends are all in her grade. None of Zack's are.
Tags: books, enderverse, guide to life, nano07

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