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This ep goes in my top five!

Tony sees McGee in his "youth ranger" outfit: "Seriously, I don't make fun of you enough, probie?"

"What's this about?"
"Your husband, he's wanted for kidnapping." *offhandedly*

Ziva: "Remind you of anyone?"
Tony: "No, not really. Hey, think this comes in king-size?"

The little kid: "Hey, time for Letterman!"

"We made good time."
"Going 90mph on a dirt road! I couldn't see!"
"Good thing I was driving, then."

"Would you ever share your personal computer with someone?"
"Ew, no! That's worse than sharing toothbrushes!"

"You sound tired, DiNozzo."
"I'm following Ziva. Even the dogs are tired."

Playing Pictionary:
"I got it! The Playboy Mansion!"
"The Playboy- Carson, it's a school! Are you sure you don't know an Anthony DiNozzo?"

Phone hanging off desk, covered in blood: "This is 911, please state your emergency."
Me: "I DED!"

"This man didn't stand a fighting chance, unfortunately-"
"-because he didn't fight."

"There's a reason he's dead."
"Yeah. Murder."
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