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Happy Turkey Day to all Americans on mah Flist - yes, even the Native Americans.

On the whole Native American thing: Dudes, it's an excuse to get outta school and eat tons of food. Fuck the fact that we massacred the indigenous peoples!* It's not like Christmas is really about Jesus, either, given that he was born in spring.

* = (Technically, in my case this should be 'we massacred ourselves, given that I've got more Native American in me than anything but Norwegian and Irish. I mean, yes, I have some blood from over on hte Mayflower, but far more is Mohawk Indian. SO THAR.)

Also: HAH I HAS BEEN VALIDATED BY CALENDARS! Back in October at some point, I mentioned to my mom that November 2nd was, like, All Souls Day or something. And she was all, "No, All Saints Day is November 1st." GUESS WHAT? WE WAS BOTH RITE!

Also, I can't be the only one who immediately thinks of Diana Wynne Jones's Deep Secrets whenever I hear anything about Hotel Babylon, can I? (This topic brought up by the fact that I'm watching BBC World News because I have no desire to rewatch any of the Law & Order/Law & Order CIs that are on right now. Also, news sounds more impressive in British accents and actually covering things not in America.)

So, I feel the urge to write. But unless I wanna suddenly make all the characters join a cult a la the Sharing (Animorphs reference!), I don't think I should write moar of A Guide to Life. On the other hand, cults is always funny. Hm... And anyway, what else would I write? Moar of the HP mpreg story? Well... yes, I do need to write moar of that, before I totally forget all the characters and plans and what have you. (And holy crap, how did I ever make it to page 30 of a fanfic? That's some crazy rite thar.)

Oh, yes. In case you were wondering, I am feeling rather weird and easily amused right about now. Probably do to the fact that I didn't wake up until 4pm today. And had a weird dream about some sort of contest that involved a semi-mundane and very unsafe version of white-water rafting, and included the light rail and other stuff. All v. confusing.
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