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I's feeling random. RANDOM, I SAYS.

So... I'm watching a History Channel bit on the Kennedys. It's horribly interesting, actually! But Family Guy just came on, and I like that better than constantly being reminded of the TV show Jack & Bobby. I mean, dude, when they tell you at the end of the first episode that the hot character dies, what's the point, man?

Anyway, Mile Hi Sci Fi was brilliant, of course, and then me and Julia returned to the house to find that the internet cord she normally uses when she's here? Yeah, the cat chewed it up. (Either that, or we've got huge rats. Whichever.) So we just hung out and watched lots of TV. *grin* Yeah, same as usual. We also determined that Andy and Bill on RedEye had a fight before the show, much like J.R. and Phil. We're hoping they make up with hawt buttsex.

Also, if anyone could rec me any super-long, good fanfics that are either gen or slash, in Harry Potter, Buffyverse, Stargate Atlantis, Torchwood, Firefly, or crossovers, I would love you forever.
Tags: rl, tv

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