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In other important news, I am at level 43 of Tetris on my phone!

Anyway, the job's at the Auraria Early Learning Center, working with kids. I is happy! Also, I've gotten all of my paperwork in for financial aid, so soon my money problems will be a thing of the past! (Not that I'm short on food or housing - the 'rents take care of that - but it's nice to be able to pay tuition and get my books for class, you know.)

So now I'm killing time (approximately an hour) until I show up to do the fun stuff, like paperwork. Which I'll bring home with me for my mom to help me fill out (plus, I need to bring in my social security card anyway). Which will happen after I stop by Humanex in order to get Tracy or David or somebody to send a completed transcript to Metro, because they're whining about that for some reason. And after all the nice paperwork, my mom will help me study Spanish for the final! Whoohoo!
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