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The usual spaz out!

Welcome, one and all, to the 'Lee panics the fuck out' hour! (And no, it didn't help that I totally missed my Prozac this morning. Greeeeeeat.)

Basically, this is the point where I realize I'll be starting my new job in eight hours, and I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. *cue flailing*

Oh well. I must remind myself: this will definitely not be as boring as working at Toys R Us, and small children have very short attention spans and memories. Both will be very helpful. (And at least I'll be able to play with small children rather than running through the Fibonacci sequence in my head while waiting for a customer.)

Anyway, I should probably get to sleep at some point. Given that I have to wake up in six hours, and then drive to the Park'n'Ride, and then take light rail in, and then go to work for three and a half hours, and then go to Spanish, and then go to fencing, and then come home. Man, just typing that makes me feel tired. Also, I'm hungry. Hm.
Tags: college, job, rl

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