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First day of work, and fencing!

Okay, first day went awesome! Tho, I'm definitely more a fan of the toddlers than the kindergarteners - they don't expect you to carry on conversations with them when you can barely understand what the hell they're saying.

(Plus, in the toddler room I was in today, there's this boy named Jack - who's, like, extremely hyper, had me help him put on a dress, and later kissed one of the other boys on the cheek. There was also tons of more adorable little kids.)

To make the day even more better, I won BOTH of my bouts today in fencing. One was against Heidi, so that was no big deal, but then? Against Josh, who is one of the top fencers (if not the top fencer) in the class. Also the one who totally busted up Maddy's hand during their match. And even though my hand and wrist totally seized up after I scored my fourth hit, I managed to make one more and win! (Granted, that still makes me 3/7, but that ain't so bad.)
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