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Okay, it appears that I was actually in a preschool room yesterday, and then a toddler room. Because today I was put in the kindergarten room, and I gotta say: I love those kids! Even the one who decided I was his chair (every time we sat down, he asked to sit on my lap). I actually started to think of them as 'my kids', to the point where when we went outside and there was another class out there, I felt pride in the fact that it wasn't one of my kids who scratched another boy's face for getting in his way (granted, later one of my kids did hit another in the face, and then insisted that he wasn't David (his name) and he didn't do the hitting, even though I had seen him and all the other kids had as well - I had to carry him over to sit by the wall, and he kept trying to run away, so the other teacher had to put him inside the room).

And now, I have about enough time to hit the bathroom and grab a candy bar before I go back to class (ignore the time of the entry - it's 12.46pm right now, because I left this up while class was going on).

btw, public middle school lunch training has come in handy again! I managed to down a full container of spaghetti in, like, less than five minutes. Didn't even feel sick! Thanks, Laredo Middle, you and your crazy 'eat your damn lunch in three minutes or else' shtick...

(*crosses fingers for kindie again*)
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