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The Year in Review!

Go back in your LJ and post the first meaningful sentence or two from each month (in other words, skip the meme crap).

January: Okay, wow. I'm not even sure what my reaction to that was, other than 'wow'.

February: Justin, Zane, Zack, Dan, and I got into an argument over who was the coolest: Dan and I totally agreed that it's Batman all the way, while the others were all, "No! Superman!"

March: Watching 'Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?': The question was a 2nd grade astronomy question, and I totally went all "Dude, I don't remember taking astr- oh. Right. I didn't have second grade."


May: Also, me and Julia have decided that when we grow up, we will move to England and marry gay British guys, and our husbands will date, and we'll live in townhomes next to each other, and we'll have like thirty cats and a bunch of Ukrainian children.

June: So Piper's birthday party was sort of awesome. Mostly because it is only amongst my friends that we can all act drunk and high without even going near illicit substances.

July: Okay, insanity break over. Back to watching a MSNBC thing about a bus full of children being buried four feet underground. And me and Julia making highly inappropriate comments.

August: God, why am I watching Murder on Spike TV? It makes me seethe with anger at stupid ppl.

September: My eye twitches. Save mah eye!!!!!

October: FINALLY. FINISHED. LEGACY. MIDTERM. 90% of it was bullshitted, of course. What else do you expect of me?

November: So, yesterday was pretty close to a perfect day.

December: Welcome, one and all, to the 'Lee panics the fuck out' hour!
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