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Have a White Trash Holiday, folks!

So, proof that my family is totally white trash: not only did we just put up the tree (nice, plastic, built-in lights), but I just made the star for the top outta cardboard and tin foil. And dude? It's all totally lopsided. I love my family.

(Plus, when me and my mom went out to desposit our paychecks - from a daycare and a craft store, respectively - and then pick up a pie for tomorrow, my dad left to go get presents for us. Lulz. And I got my mom her presents yesterday, and she got the present for my dad this morning.)

Oh, and I'm spending Christmas Eve watching the I Love the 90s Part Deux (currently talking about Mallrats, which I saw not long after it came out, which explains a lot about me, since I was, like, six), and reading fanfics, and writing some fanfic, and playing Sims 2, and drinking sparkling white grape juice. Because... that's how I roll, yo.

Also, yes I has no holiday icons.
Tags: rl, xmas

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