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The Annual Xmas Haul Post!

- hat/gloves/scarf combo from my one remaining biological grandparent, my dad's mom.
- digital pad/pen, where you write like in a normal notebook, and then can put it on the computer.
- "Game Taster" can for 80s Trivial Pursuit
- pack of napkins
- QED, Beauty in Mathematical Proof
- Useful Mathematical & Physical Formulae
(note, the last four had gift cards attached)

And finally, the real presents besides the digital pad and pen, the gift cards!
- $25 Barnes & Noble
- $25 Borders
- $25 Arby's
- $25 GameStop
- $50 Chipotle

And both of my parents liked the presents I got them, so yay!

Now, I shall spend the rest of Xmas eating delicious food and watching 100 Greatest Songs of 80s (and then the 90s). Hoorah!
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