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A, like, real update! ZOMG!

So I've decided to make, like, an actual update. I know, it scares me too!

First, there's a new chapter of my cracktastic HP mpreg fic up here. Now with time travel and over 20k words! ...yeah, I'd like to know what I'm smoking, too.

Second, my cousin's New Years party was pretty awesome. Eight sixteen and seventeen year olds, plus me and my twenty-one year old cousin, and between the ten of us, four laptops. Plus, the one straight guy there was totally cute! (And I'm not being pervy, he's pretty much the exact same age as Oscar is, aka half-a-year younger than me.) The morning after was the best, though. See, I slept under the dining room table so that I wouldn't get stepped on, and when I finally woke up, everybody except my cousins, Travis (who practically lives at their house), and Tracie (who lives, like, a block away) had left, and eventually we wound up sitting in, like, a line across the living room - me and Kirsten (my 21 year old cousin) on the ends, reading fanfics on our laptops, with Kari and Travis playing NiGHTS on the Wii, and Tracie and Travis looking up pictures of hot guys on Travis's laptop. Srsly, was awesome.

Third, there's a Criminal Minds book. Sadly, it's by that hack Max Allan Collins, but I still got it.

Fourth, I totally just made a fantasy rugby team for the Heineken Cup. Go me!

Fifth, QI slash.

Sixth... Yeah, I don't gotta sixth. Hooray!
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