Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

OotP and SH!

...so, um, I just spent four and a half hours playing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Wii. My hands are freezing, and because I stood still for so long, my leg feels all weird now. But damn, it was fun!

Oh, and any of y'all remember Sky High? Yeah? Remember Zack, who was adorably a loser? Yeah, here's his character description for the next Disney Channel original movie: Nicholas Braun as Zeke Thompson, that guy who can make anything in shop class and make you shut up with one icy stare. Tall, dark, and mysterious, he happens to be just the guy Virgil and Charlie need to join the Minutemen and build the time machine. Handy in a crisis, and always ready with a snappy comeback line, this rebel with a cause will do everything he can to keep time on their side. Rough around the edges, but smooth with his female admirers, he's a character you'll grow to like and respect--or else.

...oh, Zack, whatever happened to you? *snicker*
Tags: games, sky high

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