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A series of quiz results!

You're Loosely Based!

by Storey Clayton

While most people haven't heard of you, you're a really good and
interesting person. Rather clever and witty, you crack a lot of jokes about the world
around you. You do have a serious side, however, where your interest covers the homeless
and the inequalities of society. You're good at bringing people together, but they keep
asking you what your name means.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

You're Hunter-Giuliani!

As Duncan Hunter, you are trying to yell above a large and more powerful crowd. Though no
one can really remember meeting you and you don't pose a very distinctive figure, you're still the
first to talk when it's time for folks to speak up. No one really thinks this gives you any more
distinction than you had before, though people tend to be impressed by your sincerity. They also
have a habit of asking you for brownies.

You select Rudy Giuliani as your running mate because the world changed on September 11th.

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at the Blue Pyramid.

You're Obama-Biden!

As Barack Obama, you are seen as the greatest hope in history for your people. You may
even save the world before breakfast. Normally mild-mannered and unexperienced, tomorrow you
will unearth your cloak and free the entire... Okay, even you can admit that maybe there's a
little hype surrounding your personality at this point. You are dynamic and feel you have a
lot of potential, but could you ever live up to the lofty expectations and pressure being
applied right now? You hope so.

You select Joe Biden as your running mate so he can get a change of scenery.

Take the 2008 Presidential Ticket Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

You're Pennsylvania!

You like bells and absolutely love divergent religious groups. Dressing
up and riding around in horses and buggies are some of your favorite pastimes, though
you're not against baseball by any means. Even though most people think you're Dutch,
you're actually of German descent. You have at least one brother who you truly

Take the State Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

You're a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

You can't stop talking about the "good old days" of the past. While
you remember everything being so much better and more glorious back then, you've
got to realize that times have changed! It's time to move on, time to bring in
the new technology and advancements! Still, there is some charm to your olden
out-dated ways. Children seem to love you, for example, as do some historians and
scientists. And you should really eat something... your bones are starting to

Take the Animal Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

You're Duke University!

With an affinity for unpronounceable Polish names and
mischievous mayhem, you are quite focused on hardwood floors. If this all
sounds like a bizarre combination of things to you, just blame it on the
beer. Despite your ability to party and play, you have also garnered a
reputation for intelligence that you're not sure you deserve. Still, all
this makes you feel like royalty, even if you haven't been drinking. Though
you like going to your chapel, you really hate other chapels.

Take the University Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

You're the University of Wisconsin!

A bit cold and frosty, you have been known to be awfully
forbidding. Your surroundings, however, have grown more and more friendly
and welcoming over the years, and there are those that say your whole
reputation has gone soft. You hasten to point out that advocating human
rights isn't necessarily softness. Given where you get your money, you're
pretty sharp. Although, you have been known to waste hours staring at

Take the University Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

You're France!

Most people think you're snobby, but it's really just that
you're better than everyone else.  At least you're more loyal to the real
language, the fine arts, and the fine wines than anyone else.  You aren't
worth beans in a fight, unless you're really short, but you're so good at other
things that it usually doesn't matter.  Some of your finest works were
intended to be short-term projects.

Take the Country Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid

You're Andorra!

Live long and prosper! Or at least live long. You have always
seemed destined for great things despite your tiny stature and almost invisible
presence. While some think of you as practically a newborn, you're actually
quite the old soul. And you've developed ways to stay popular, primarily
consisting of giving things away. While you enjoy the sun, you're still a little
scared of basking.

Take the Country Quiz II
at the Blue Pyramid

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