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Sports in Fanfiction.

So... I got bored, and decided to mess about with the search function on FFN. By typing in the names of different sports (note: the search function takes all forms of words, so things like bowling also came up with bowl, so I excluded those results).

(With the exception of #20, fandoms are only included if there is more than one summary mention within it.)

20. Handball. 2 stories. CSI: NY and Lost in Space.
19. Badminton. 13 stories. Fruits Basket and Twilight.
18. Lacrosse. 15 stories. House.
17. Croquet. 16 stories - however, nine of these are a character name.
16. Billiards. 20 stories. Harry Potter, Prince of Tennis, and Teen Titans.
15. Rugby. 23 stories. Artemis Fowl, HP, Lord of the Rings.
14. Archery. 71 stories. LotR, Inuyasha, CS Lewis.
13. Gymnastics. 80 stories. Power Rangers, HP, Naruto.
12. Karate. 105 stories. Misc Movies, Naruto, Sailor Moon.
11. Golf. 175 stories. Lost, HP, Stargate SG1.
10. Tennis (minus Prince of Tennis). 236 stories. Naruto, HP, Inuyasha.
9. Hockey. 327 stories. Mighty Ducks, Misc Movies, Life With Derek.
8. Skiing. 414 stories. High School Musical, HP, Yu-Gi-Oh.
7. Baseball. 440 stories. HP, Gilmore Girls, Naruto.
6. Soccer. 589 stories. Digimon, Weiss Kreuz, Card Captor Sakura.
5. Football. 637 stories. HP, Hey Arnold, Inuyasha.
4. Chess. 769 stories. HP, Musicals/Plays, Yu-Gi-Oh.
3. Basketball. 868 stories. High School Musical, Slam Dunk, One Tree Hill.
2. Tennis. 1,121 stories. Prince of Tennis, Naruto, HP.
1. Quidditch. 2,675 stories. HP, Sailor Moon X-overs, Buffy X-overs.
Tags: fanfiction, sports

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