Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

The State of the Undergrad.

Today I got KP, which was actually pretty nice. I was kinda too sleep-deprived to deal with children. So instead I washed dishes! It was actually pretty fun.

And now, the pre-class philosophical discussion over our reading, of which my only contribution is an urge to say "Life is nature's way of keeping meat fresh". Why is it that whenever I'm in honors territory, I feel the urge to quote Doctor Who?

...aaand Jess just totally walked in five minutes late, despite the fact that I saw her doing absolutely nothing in the honors lounge at, like, 11.05. I dunno, guys, something about her just gets. on. my. nerves. Possibly the myriad of ways she resembles my older cousin, Kirsten.

(Oh, and homework: read Spinoza's "On the Improvement of the Understanding". Because I will probably forget to write it down. And, of course, reading of War & Peace, book two chapter eleven by the end of the week. Which could be difficult, because it assumes a knowledge of 19th century Europe history beyond the Alvin Maker series - what can I say, I'm an American history and ancients fan, not modern Europe. I'm sorry!)
Tags: college, rl

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