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Myth-takes, Storytelling, and fics galore...

You know, this episode of Whose Line has a lot of sexual innuendo between Ryan and Robin. And Robin & Colin for that. And just what are Ryan and Colin whispering. Actually, between everyone except Wayne. Is Wayne that one guy you can't slash? I've heard rumors of such a thing, but I thought it was a myth.

Guess I was myth-taken.

I'M HAPPY! I GOT ANGEL SEASON 1 ON DVD!!!! Doyle is funny. He shouldn't've died. It would've been cool to have Angel, Cordy, Doyle, and Wes-chan working together. I think I'll make a fic with that. Kinda like Willow the Vampire Slayer.

I'm also going to do a fic called "My Life Is a Sitcom" for Harry Potter, based somewhat on the show. The Malfoys, the Weasleys, the Dursleys, the Grangers, the Changs, the Flints, the Snapes, and the Finnegans compete on a My Life Is a Sitcom. Don't ask. Don't tell.

Ooo, I hope the episode of Batman Beyond tonight is the Curse of the Cobra (or something like that). Danny Strong aka Jonathan does the voice for Zander in that ep. Weird, huh? Jonathan doing the voice of Zander?

I can't wait until tomorrow! "Storyteller" looks like a great episode! And with Andrew as the main chara... Oh, the pastabilities....

Oh, and be on the lookout for a self-insert series as well as my fic featuring exchange students from Aurora Polytechnic Institute.

And the collab fic me, Kat, and Jenn are writing. The basic summary is "Why Hogwarts doesn't do school plays anymore". In the time of MWPP, the school play is "Into the Woods". Don't blame me! It's Snape's fault, for running across the stage banging coconuts together ala Monty Python!

I might make a sequel, where they try the play again, around the time of the twins' first year? With Percy as the baker, and Marcus and Oliver as the princes? That'd be awesome!!

Well, got to go.


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