Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

First bit of the first episode of the second series of Skins!

Guys, first fourteen minutes of Skins S2E1 are up over on MySpace! http://creative.myspace.com/uk/skins/skinspopup.htm

...'kay, I'm totes confused right about now. Tho, Maxxie is very, very, VERY hawt, and I kinda love this dance, and you know the series is gonna be good when it starts off with Maxxie. But I'm still confused!

...um, kay, I think Tony is retarded nao. *shakes head* I told him, he shouldn't be singing while a corpse, but he didn't listen to me!

I also have no idea what Maxxie said when Tony asked "What? Think about what?" I just can't decipher the Britishness!


So are they all taking turns with Tony-watching duty, or is it just Maxxie?

HEE to the group of little girls on a car going all, "Maxxie!" And Tony's somewhat rambling technobabble, and the "Are you mental?" And "Yes."

And the little girl. "Bummer." My gawd, those little girls are what HXers were like in middle school!

And dude, Maxxie's mum cleaned Tony's parents' house? Yay for backstory! *cheers*
Tags: skins, tv

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