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The Classic Humanex Tradition of Being Classy!

Background: Andrew is a former HX English teacher, now publicity director, and rabid Patriots fan who was constantly bragging about him. Today, the students of Humanex showed how nice they really are. (Oh, and Dave is the counselor/assistant principal.)

Julia: We gave Andrew so much shit today, it's not even funny.
Lee/me: I dunno, I think it would be pretty hilarious.
Lee/me: I mean, since Dave posted a MySpace bulletin to the effect of "Andrew loses!"
Julia: Oooh yeah.
Julia: Too many things to count, and it wasn't just me and Alyson, but the best, by far, is when we brought him into Teen Issues, saying, "We're concerned you're going to hurt yourself after the Patriots' agonizing loss last night, considering they could have tied it up with that 49 yard field goal, but Belichik was too arrogant and went for it on fourth and 13." etc.
Lee/me: *snicker liek woah*
Julia: Troy's family group scattered about 30 pix of the Giants logo around his room, and on his car.
Lee/me: HAH
Julia: Alyson and I wore pictures of Tom Brady and Bill Belichik, with little frowns and tears drawn on them, with DENIED written across it.
Lee/me: Lulz!
Julia: Alyson and I hung up pix of Tom Brady getting sacked on his door, along with a pic of Strahan smiling, and we wrote, "HAHA, BITCH!" on it.

In other sports-y news, YAY for Wales winning their first Six Nations match, but boo for Alun-Wyn Jones getting injured! Alun-Wyn Jones is one of my boys, yo.
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