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Next-Gen Kiddies!

HAH. I am so cool. I slept in late last Thursday and missed my Spanish class, right? Turns out that the teacher didn't even show up for that class! Oh, me, why are you so cool that the only class you've missed so far, the teacher missed too?

In other news, the weird HP next gen story I've been working on? Where Al and Scorpius, amongst others, winds up in OotP time? I'm tempted to make it a series, where the group of ten kids investigate wizarding fairy tales to find the truth about them. Because, um, I like my crack half-baked. And - aw, hell, might as well do the character run-down for y'all. Since it makes me feel cool.

Meet John "Jack" Smith, fifth year Ravenclaw and son of Zacharias Smith and Pansy Parkinson. Horribly sarcastic and whiny, but also with leadership abilities! (Mostly because everybody else is too stupid to lead.) Also very much atypical for Ravenclaw, as he doesn't do homework for most of his classes unless he feels like it (Ancient Runes and History of Magic are the exceptions; he is quite likely the only person in the school who looks forward to History, which is still taught by Binns). He's also on the Quidditch team, but only as a second-string Chaser. He's a bit too twitchy and paranoid to be first choice. Jack's currently the lead character.

Cedric Smith, Jack's younger brother, a second year Hufflepuff. And, obviously, a victim of the name-kids-after-dead-people trend.

Lorcan and Lysander Scamander, fifth year Ravenclaws and buddies of Jack. They are both very much their mother's children, but there are differences between them! Lysander is a tad bit Muggle obsessed, and on the weekends and summer he likes to wear Muggle suits. Lorcan, on the other hand, is a tad bit more off-the-wall than either his mother or brother (more weird, less mystical). He also snogged Jack Smith once back in fourth year, but considering that he just wandered away afterwards, Jack's not sure what to think about it.

Molly Weasley, older daughter of Percy Weasley and Audrey, a Muggle, and a seventh year Ravenclaw. She's best friends with Colleen, and has a tradition of telling stories about the Second Voldemort War during Ravenclaw slumber parties, but her real area of interest is the era between Voldemort's risings.

Colleen Creevey, daughter of Dennis Creevey and Millicent Bulstrode. Yes, you read that correctly. She, too, was named after a dead person, but in a slightly mutated form. She's also a seventh year Ravenclaw, and best buddies with Molly.

Vince Creevey, son of Dennis and Millicent, second year Hufflepuff. Named after Vincent Crabbe, because Millicent can be scary when she wants to be. Friends with Ced Smith, but not bestest friends or anything.

Scorpius "Scorp" Malfoy, just don't ask. Second year Slytherin, bestest of best friends with Al. I'm sure you know who his parents are.

Albus "Al" Potter, first year Gryffindor. Everybody knows who his parents are! He is bestest of best friends with Scorp, and they constantly hang out with each other, trading off common rooms and tables during meals.

Last but not least, Alice Longbottom, daughter of Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott, fifth year Hufflepuff. Jack and her despise each other, quite a bit, and Jack was rather annoyed that the twins invited her along with them. She's very much like Hermione, except without the intense intelligence and urge to study everything in the world. So, mostly the bossiness. *grin*

And there you have it!
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