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Media frenzy, with a side of the real world.

Maan, do y'all know how hard it is to get a damn copy of Across the Universe? I'm gonna go down to 16th Street and see if either the Barnes & Noble or Virgin's got it, because I went to Target yesterday, and they had a full shelf marked off for AtU, and know what was left? Two Blu-Ray discs. Seriously. That's it.

On the upside, I felt real responsible yesterday. I went to class, work, hung out in the honors lounge, got gas, and went grocery shopping. And I can even count it as groceries, because less than half of what I bought was chocolate or pizza!

So, I've got Legacy and history today. In Legacy, we will talk about Adam Smith and his Junior Achievement Principles, and in history we shall...

Oh shit. We've got our discussion quiz today, and I haven't so much as opened the book. *flails helplessly, and then decided to rely mostly on knowledge gleaned from the Alvin Maker series*

...which, speaking vaguely of, THEY'RE MAKING A BATTLE ROOM GAME OMG YOU GUYZ!!!!!!!! Ooh, dude, I hope it's MMO, and that you can join armies and toons and- I'm going to shut up now.
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