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College, and job, and HP!

Okay, this is ridiculous. I got, like, tons of sleep last night, and I'm still all drifty-whoo.

Anyway! A listing of homeowkr I plan to do over the weekend, as I've nothing else to do with my time:
- finish geography report
- about fifty pages of Spanish work (check assignment sheet)
- one page essay in re: discussion group
- read Wealth of Nations
- read War & Peace

...hey, guys, I'm a college student! *flails*

In good news, last time I checked (i.e. three hours before the center closed), I'm only scheduled 4-6 tomorrow, and in 108 again (I was in 108 today and Tuesday, and am also scheduled next Tues, Thurs, and Fri at the same times as this week). The kids in there, much like the kids in all the rooms, are crazy but adorable. My buddies in there are Brynn and Nick, and I'm thinking Attison as well, but only because he is so much like Damien, my best friend when I was that age (who is now a Marine, wtfbbq?!).

Oh, and between the various Harry Potter games I have, I've figured out that my initial thoughts regarding Hogwarts subjects and me are correct: I would rock History of Magic and Potions, would be good but not ace in Transfigurations and Charms, and would suck worse than imaginable in Astronomy and Divination. (All other subjects are variable.)

And it is highly possible that I care a bit too much. Ahem. Also, I may have been lured to the Draco/Ginny side again. Not as a primary ship, mind you, but because Draco/Harry is becoming too predictable right now and there is very little Draco/Ron.

*looks at icon* ...hey, dude, there's totally actual screencaps of OotP out now. I could make a decent Zacharias icon! *away, to the caps!*
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