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Music meme, revised!

Okay, this is like the typical music meme ('put your playlist on shuffle, post the first lyric for the first twenty songs, have people guess it'), except instead of doing shuffle, I'm taking the 15 songs I've been listening to repeatedly, and putting their first lyric, and making you guess!

1. "I hold on so nervously, to me and my drink, I wish it was cooling me." "Paralyzer", Finger Eleven. jupiter_star
2. "Fourteen minutes and fifty-nine seconds into our fifteen minutes of fame. When the luck runs out, I won't wonder who's to blame."
3. "It could be ten, but then again, I can't remember half an hour since a quarter to four."
4. "Take the train, go separate ways, and leave it long forgotten. I'll hang my hat, and I won't be back."
5. "Is this the start of it? Has this become a part of it? Maybe we should've slowed down."
6. "Well, her name is Little Miss New in Town. She said I need someone to show me around, I said what the hell. She looked innocent as far as I could tell."
7. "If you wanna make the move, then you better come in. It's just the ability to reason that wears so thin."
8. "Am I loud and clear, or am I breaking up? Am I still your charm, or am I just bad luck?" "Swing Life Away", Rise Against. rlylaughable
9. "My friend's got a girlfriend. Man he hates that bitch, he tells me every day." "", the Offspring. rlylaughable
10. "I'm through with standin' in line to clubs I'll never get in. It's like the bottom of the ninth and I'm never gonna win."
11. "That's all very well, but what are we going to do about the Italian?" "A Little Priest", Sweeney Todd (my version is the Angela Lansbury one). jupiter_star
12. "If I were you, I would take this as a sign. Believe it's true, we were never meant to fly. And I owe you, I know you more than anyone alive."
13. "I don't practice santeria, I ain't got no crystal ball. I had a million dollars but I'd, I'd spend it all." "Santeria", Sublime. undersea
14. "I just made an enemy of someone I don't know and they are upset about somethin' that I must have done."
15. "All the girls and the boys and people making noise, just let me hear you shout - Bring 'em out! Bring 'em out!"
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