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My mommy's coming home tomorrow! Hopefully she won't be too horrified by the state of the fridge - I did throw out the moldy cheese last week, so there's something.

Anyway, I should go to bed, because I have to get up in six hours for work. Gah. One thing I'll say for working at a preschool - I get to have lots of cuddles (I'm a very tactile person), and it also makes me all the more convinced that I want to go into law enforcement. Because, I gotta tell you, the one thing that kills me about any job is the downtime. I blame my dad for that fact - first thing he did after waking up from emergency heart surgery was try and get his laptop so he could work. And I figure in law enforcement, I can always find something to do. (On the downside: reports.)

Oh, and sometime this week, I should be getting the latest CHERUB book and Greg Gutfeld's book, straight from the UK!
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