Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Lief! Like Leif, but no discovery of North America.

I now have something to do for the honors auction! I'm using popsickles to make the auction signs that you raise to bid. Skor!

(I wandered into the honors lounge after my geography test, and they were having a little knitting circle, and we started discussing our various arts & crafts skillz, and I mentioned how the only thing I can do is popsickle-art.)

And me and Nick had a nice discussion on Wales's chances in the Six Nations. And then we signed a petition asking for Anakia (spelling is STUPID! Methods are STUPID! Intelligence is STUPID!) to stay as a grad student helped in honors. Bcuz she's, liek, awesomesauce.

...in other news, I was in 108 yesterday and am in it again today (and also def. in on Thursday and Friday). Love those kids, dawg!

OH! And I picked up an application to do archaelogical field school in Peru this summer. I'll talk it over with my mom, and a lot of it hinges upon financing.

And there's another 18 year old in the honors program! But his birthday's in August, so I'm still the youngest. STILL THE YOUNGEST! ALWAYS THE YOUNGEST! UNTIL NEXT YEAR, ANYWAY!
Tags: college, honors, rl

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