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Carcass. Ness.

Well, we had a fire drill last hour. Algebra II, for me. We go out there, me wincing the entire way as I've somehow managed to get my hip all fscked up, and hang around in the snow dregs, all but me shivering. I gave everyone superior looks from the thick, warm depths of my rugby shirt. And then David and Austin, being the boys they are, began kicking at the snow. And uncovered an animal carcass. Yay? Sure, why not.

And so, everyone crowded around, oohing and aahing. Yes, they did.

And I still don't know if the transfer went through. I hope to the gods it did. This place begins to annoy me beyond human limits. Calahan, Su Coffee, all those damn meetings that mess up the newspaper schedule, Lindsay Buckner, TJ, That Girl From Newspaper, all of it. I think I might "accidentally" commit homicide if stuck here much longer.

And my hip hurts. Yo.

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