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Yes, I have given far too much thought to this. It was either that, or pay attention in Spanish.

So I totally broke one of the legs off of my glasses this morning. Yeah, I'm wandering about with my glasses half dangling from my face. It's pretty hilarious, I won't lie. Though it's also a bit annoying to have them fall off of my head every time I lean over - I'm thinking that if I'm in a toddler room tomorrow morning, I'm gonna have to tape them to my head. (I was in an upper preschool room today, so it didn't matter too much.)

Aaaanywho, I may or may not be developing a shiny new idea of magical North America for the HP world. Blame my history class, because I've decided that there's no reason why wizarding governments in the "New World" should follow current political country lines. So instead, Florida is actually a colony under command of the Spanish version of the Ministry; Louisiana is a department of France's Ministry; the territory east of the Mississippi that was ceded after the French & Indian War, plus the 13 original colonies, are under command of the United States Wizarding Congress; southern reaches of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas thru Mexico, Central America, and northern parts of South America are part of the Independent Wizard Council of Mesoamerica.

The rest of the USA, and all of Canada? The Free Republic of Magic! Most of the international wizarding world regards the FRM as little more than... well, like we thought of Jonestown. Yeah, it's considered a cross of a cult and no man's land. The government of the FRM is located in Montana (no expects it to be there!), and the school (known as Central Academy) is in Yukon Territory. Because of their constantly contested status, the Central Academy of the FRM is mostly for finding future soldiers and scientists, who will go to either the Central Defense Institute (located in the Hudson Bay), or the Central Research Institute (on one of the Aleutian islands).

...on that note, I will not inform you of how I'm planning on having Auror!Harry and Auror!Ron and mebbe some others try and infiltrate the FRM, because of threats made against Hogwarts. Yeah... Instead, I'll go to bed.
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