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I blame sleep deprivation and too much sugar for the randomness of this entry.

Ugh. I ate too much. We went to Village Inn, and I ate soooo much, I feel like food is gonna start coming out my ears.

In other news... the top three quotes are from Julia, and all of the ones from 'Englewood' are from HX. And I attempted to convert some people to the Cult of Real Lives during history today, where I also rattled off the beginning of the Declaration of Independence, to the amazement of my professor. Heck, I also answered pretty much every question he posed today!

Oh, and I'm totes getting a GameTap account. I want my fuckin' Carmen Sandiego, in the way I remember it!

...plus 900 other games. FUCK YEAH SEAKING.
Tags: games, hx, quotes, rl

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