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I gotta remember to do stuff, guyz.

..omg, guys, the book How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? The one the toddlers loooooove to read, and I find quite amusing as well?

Yeah. Written by Jane Yolen. Who wrote things like the Young Merlin trilogy, and the Pit Dragon trilogy, and Wizard's Hall, all of which were staples of my childhood.

I found this out because I've had a sudden wish to re-read books of my childhood - or early adolescence, really. Preteen-hood, almost. By this, I mean the following books: Ender's Shadow, the Hero and the Crown, the Blue Sword, the Pit Dragon trilogy, and the Queen of Attolia (I already have the Thief and the King of Attolia checked out from various libraries). I'm hitting up Tallyn's Reach library today after class to get all of those, because I am a glutton for punishment. I also just checked out Welcome to the Ark from the college library, and that book's just gonna make me sad, because the ending is messed up and then there's not really an ending.

But man, the Hero and the Crown/the Blue Sword... I love those books. I was reminded of them because I'm reading McKinley's latest book, Dragonhaven (which is quite brilliant, and makes me want to read the Pit Dragon trilogy again). And Ender's Shadow? My most re-read book. I've read it even more often than I've read any other book, including In the Hand of the Goddess and Witch Week, both of which I have worn out multiple copies of. And every time I read Ender's Shadow, I get something new out of it, which is kinda bizarre when you think about it.

...ahem. This just in! Everything above was written around noon; it's now, oh, 11pm. Yeeeeeah, I kinda forgot to post it during Legacy, and then during history we kinda separated into Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists (I was part of the anti). And then I went to Tallyn's Reach and got all those books I mentioned above, and then went and bugged my mom at her job, and organized a bunch of stuff because I'm crazy like that, and then we went out to eat. And then I came home and finished reading Dragonhaven. Damn good book, btw.
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