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Fandom meme.

What is your LiveJournal username? How did you come up with it? colin_chaotic. It was originally gotten for a HP RPG where I played Colin Creevey, and that was the first thing I could come up with that wasn't taken.
Have you renamed before? If so, what were your old names? If you haven't renamed, what names would you want to rename to? I haven't renamed, but I've been thinking about changing it to theadverb.
How much does your userinfo say about you? It shows a bit about me, but mostly a lot about my fandoms.
How long have you been on LiveJournal? Since 30 November 2002.
What is the longest amount of time you've gone without posting? A couple of months, I know. I don't think it was ever up to a year, tho.
On average, how many entries do you post per day? (Divide how many total entries you have by how many days you've been on LJ.) 1.17 or so.
What are your posts normally about? Nothing! It's like Seinfeld, only I like to kid myself that I'm not that boring or annoying.
Is your LiveJournal friends only? Why or why not? Not anymore, nope. Because I don't really talk too much about anything important.
Does your LiveJournal have an actual title or are you merely USER @ LiveJournal? It's got a title! That came from a comment I made, referring to Che Guavera shirts and how he'd feel about it.
How long do you see yourself staying on LiveJournal? Probably forever. I'm stubborn like that, yo.

How many people are on your friendslist, not counting private journals, media journals, etc?
80, but god only knows how many are in the 'not counting' section. I'm waaaay too lazy to check through them all.
Why do you choose to add a person to your friendslist? Because they interest me, or (most of the time) I wanna read their fics, or know them IRL.
Is your friends list an actual list of people you consider friends, or more of a reading list? Both, really. I've got some of both.
How often do you read your friendslist? Everyday!
Do you use filters when viewing your friendslist? Nope.
How much do you talk to people on your friendslist off of LiveJournal? I talk to dragonessasmith a lot, but otherwise... not so much.
Do you do friends cuts? Why or why not? Not really, because even people I don't normally read and comment on have some awesome entries sometimes, and I don't want to miss them. Or hurt their feelings by defriending. It's not that big a deal to just scroll past something I don't wanna read, y'know.
Do you regularly participate in friending memes? If not, how do you normally find people to friend? Not really. I don't look for new friends by shared interests; I search them out by shared mindset. There are plenty of people who like things I like, but a lot of them are really boring.
How often do you add new friends to your friendslist? Probably at a rate of one per month. Heh.
Do your friends have to have things in common with you? Heh, already answered this one.

How many userpics do you get maximum? How many of those slots do you actually use?
142, and 140.
Do you mostly use icons made by yourself or by others? Almost entirely by me, a few by dragonessasmith.
Do you have your own icon community? How often do you post in it? Nope. Tho I did at one point...
What fandoms are most frequently seen in your userpics? 21 Jump Street, Crossing Jordan, Harry Potter, She Spies, Veronica Mars, X-Men: Evolution all have eight or more icons.
How do you find icons to use? I make 'em!
How often do you upload new icons to use in your userpics? Again, probably once a month on average. I do it in surges.
Which of your userpics do you use the most? Probably me default, Party Like a Dark Lord.
Which of your userpics do you like the most? I dunno. I really like my Warren BtVS icon, with the Latin.
The old maximum number of userpics was three. Could you see yourself "surviving" on three userpics now? HAH NO.
What do your userpics say about you? That I have far too many fandoms and a bad sense of humor?

Which fandoms are you most active in?
Harry Potter, probably. Just because it's easiest, because it's all-consuming on the intarwebz.
What do your choice of fandoms say about you? Hard to say. I like a lot of supernatural shows, light sci-fi (that is, sci-fi that's more about people than aliens or machines), and crime shows. I guess you could say that I like the crack, and I like humor, and I like it when it focuses on the characters and the characters aren't whiny bitches.
Do you make friends based on fandom? Yup! All the time!
How many fandom communities are you a part of? I'm a member of 592 communities. Probably 500 are fandom related.
Do you join fanfic or icon communities or only the general communities? I join specialized fanfic communities - i.e. for a specific pairings (usually rare) or concept.
How many fandom communities do you moderate? Six? One of which was handed off to me by the real mod, and only one of which has any activity whatsoever (detectiveseely). Except - wait wtf?! I'm a maintainer for snarkypuff?! SINCE WHEN?! Aaaanyway, and one was used for updates on a RPG when the site was down. Seven Horcruxes, man. I miss my poor Rush Seraphim!
How often do you check fandom communities for new posts? The ones I have friended, every day. The others? Rarely.
Do you contribute to fandom? If so, by way of what? I sometimes write fanfics and make icons, or come up with a batshit crazy theory.
Have you ever read (or been featured on) fandom_wank? I read it all the time, but sadly have not been featured. I must try harder!
What is one thing you wish you could change about fandom? I wish there was more of it!

I'm still riding high from the Grand Slam weekend, btw.
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