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Jeeesus FUCK. I think this is the final straw, I've officially killed my knee. I hit it about ten minutes ago (my oversized shoes got caught when I was attempting to climb over one of the bench-boxes), and it still has the sharp pain that usually fades a minute or two after the injury. And in two hours, I get to hobble around after toddlers.

And then go home, where I'll probably have to stand on the light rail with my backpack that's gotta be more than 50lbs today. HOORAY HORRIBLE DEATH WHEN I GET HOME, WHERE I MUST MAKE AN ENTIRE BAG OUT OF DUCT TAPE FOR TOMORROW! AND STUDY FOR MY HISTORY MIDTERM! I HATE COLLEGE!

Well, mostly I hate pain and the way I procrastinate. But, y'know, whatev.

In the meantime, I will sit through geography and try not to throw up on the particularly fierce pain surges, and hope that I didn't actually fracture anything (I doubt I did, given the particularly strong structure of my bones, and the fact that I could swear I've had worse falls without breaking anything).

...okay, it's been about fifteen minutes since I wrote all that. And the pain's not as sharp now, though I'm not 100% sure if it's because it simply hurts less, or I've gotten used to it (you can get used to anything, if you give it long enough; I had a pretty constant stomachache and migraine throughout middle school). Perhaps I shall survive! At least long enough to get into work and raid the admin office for some pain relievers...
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