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Post-midnight rambles.

Ron: "Harry, I'm scared!"
Harry: "You're always scared, you chicken shit!"

Oh, Robot Chicken, the lulz you induce.

Especially given that I have, once more, fallen into the trap known as 'Buffy crossover fics'. Rar. This won't end well! Especially since I really ought to do some school work while I've got time, since Friday and Saturday are basically full up and Sunday will most likely be recovery, which leaves me with all of tomorrow to do crap in. Ah well. It should only take about an hour total to catch up on my geography exercises, and I can read Nietzsche on the train - or just read the condensed version via teh intarwebz, to reawaken the knowledge held over from when I read him in middle school. Yeah, that sounds good.

...hoorah for rambling! *parties down*
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